Thursday, 23 May 2013

Healthy but Heading for a Heart Attack

Not quite.. I eat healthy enough and exercise but after having a body M.O.T today I'm not that healthy overall. I have high cholesterol  & high blood pressure.. 

Get out of town!! Your joking right? No!!

I have to confess, I'm a lover of cheese I can eat it in chunks and I also love butter I can have lashings of the stuff on my toast, jacket potato's well anything that requires butter, there would be loads of it. Naughty I know...but it taste so good!!

It's not in the danger zone but I want to reduce it down a bit at least to where it should be for my age. So how are you going to do that? When I next go grocery shopping which is tomorrow, I will be buying the product/s below to help reduce my cholesterol level. I'm dreading using the butter, just hope it taste good. Not sure about the cheese all I can say is it best taste like Dairylea. I just love Cathedral City Mature Cheese, Mmmm will be doing a search down the aisles for a low fat cheese or maybe cut down on my cheese intake.

So as I mentioned at the start my blood pressure is slightly high too, nothing to be worried about but i don't want any negatives on my health sheet. I've read that Beetroot Juice is very good for lowing blood pressure, its high in nitrate which can cut blood pressure down by 7%. I love beets and the juice is delicious, so eating high nitrate food such as celery, cabbage & spinach might also help. See I'm confused I eat all those things so what the hell is going on, something is not right... maybe I'm not eat enough.

On a brighter note, my glucose level was good, my weight & BMI (body mass index) great and my metabolic age is 33...Brilliant!!

Have you ever had a Body M.o.T done? 
Do you have High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure? 
What are you doing to reduce it?
Have you considered yourself healthy and found out your not completely? 

Please comment, would love to know.


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  1. im heading for a heart attack been told to go to the gym regularly until im puffed out


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