Friday, 10 May 2013

The Rossiter System Review

Product Review - Rossiter System

Richard Rossiter 
The Original Pain Slayer
Founder & Head Innovator

I had the pleasure of trying a taster of The Rossiter System... Your probably wondering what on earth is " The Rossiter System" Well I'm about to tell you.

I went to see my reflexology practitioner for my once a week session and mentioned to her that I had hurt my neck the pain was from the top of my spine, so after finishing up from the reflexology she performed the Rossiter workout... Let me tell you it's not for the faint hearted.

She applied pressure with her back of her elbow in between my shoulder blade...this is usually performed with you lying on the floor and the practitioner using there feet to weight down on the connective tissues as pictured below, but as i was on a massage table she used her elbow.

I had to stretch and rotate both arms starting from shoulder lever while slowly moving fhem down to my side. i had to do this a couple of times...the pain was unbearable I literally had tears running down my face. all i lept thinking was why does it hurt so badly.

Well when she had finished and I got up wiped the tears from my face and moved my neck back and the forth the pain was gone... I was so thankful, it's been 3 days since I had this done and today I'm still pain free. Woohoo!

Why use this system

Rossiter System Workouts are fast, effective and safe. They loosen tightness to restore easy movement and relieve pain almost anywhere in your body. They help when you feel all-over aches, tingling, numbness and tightness that won't go away. They get rid of nagging, constant pain, and help restore effortless movement like lifting, gripping, squeezing, stooping and walking.
Among other things, Rossiter Workouts can help you get rid of low back pain and sciatica. Stiff necks and sore shoulders. Hip pain, achy knees, tight, cramping hamstrings and calves and painful ankles and feet. As well as wrist and elbow pain from conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Elbow Tendonitis. Rossiter can help relieve osteoarthritis, sprains, strains, pulled and overworked muscles, and a number of other problems and issues.
These unique and powerful stretches will help you regain the mobility you've lost by restoring easy movement and keep you out of pain.

How soon will you notice results?

Most people get some relief in the first few techniques. It is not uncommon to be pain free after your first workout, but it depends on how hard you stretch out your pain, and how deeply the pain is embedded in your body.

Would you try this or go to the medicine cabinet?


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