Sunday, 9 June 2013

Get Ripped in 2 Weeks

Product Review - The City Workout

I was given the opportunity to review The City Workout get ribbed plan for 2 weeks created by Kelly Du Buisson

The City Workout plan does not require you to calorie count or measure food portions, but does require you to change the way you eat.  So no ready meals, pre-packed foods, processed sugar, re-fined carbs (white pasta, bread, rice, chocolate, biscuits, noodles, cereal) no caffeine or dairy(for the first week) no potato's, alcohol, sugary drinks or frizzy drinks.

Eating foods as natural as possible; Fresh fruit, vegetables, sweet potato and other root veggies, white meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and grain.  Your allowed water, coconut water and herbal tea, which wasn't a problem for me as I'm quite use to drinking them daily.

After receiving my nutrition plan I was not liking the sound of it at all and thought this is crazy, I couldn't possibly live without cheese, chocolate, crisps etc. but as this plan is aimed at gaining a flatter stomach, I was willing to live with it and wanted to have that six pack we all dream about.

So as well as changing the way you eat, exercise is also important to lose those extra pounds.The workout is for 30 minutes of high intensive cardio based to raise your heart rate and increase lean muscle mass to burn fat quicker with some toning and core exercises. The exercises are sent in video format and are very easy to follow.  I'm use to working out in my lunch break as the gym in very close to where I work, so having to come home in the evening and workout was very hard for me and also not having your fellow class buddies around was extremely difficult, all I wanted to do was relax, but I got through it.

I found I had to start planning my meals daily and brought myself a notebook to write down what I was going to eat from day to day to make sure I was getting the required amounts of veggies/proteins in each meal and only eat carbs post workout.

Just one of many tasty dishes I prepared. 

Polenta Style Pizza Topped with cabbage, beansprouts, mushrooms, tomato's & mashed chickpeas
I'm amazed at how great this plan has been. I've lost 5lbs and 6cm off my waist and 3cm off the smallest part of my waist. I'm very happy with the results after just 2 weeks and will maintain this lifestyle from now on. I've been working out for over 5 years at my local Sports Centre doing all sorts of classes and have never achieved such results around my middle, it really is about what you eat.
 Results in Pictures

Kelly has been a great support and was always there to answer any questions I had, she has taught me a lot about the foods that help with losing belly fat and I intend to maintain eating clean, not only do i feel great my stomach is flatter, not quite a six pack but hey if I achieved a lost in 2 weeks what will I achieve in the next 2 weeks.. :-)
If you have a busy lifestyle and don't have time for the gym, I really recommend The City Workout it will give you great results you will not be disappointed.


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