Sunday, 15 September 2013

Raw24 - One Day Detox

Have you ever thought about doing a raw diet.. Me either! I couldn't imagine not cooking my food or not eating meat, chicken or fish again. After reading tweets from Stephanie Jeffs  "The Go-To Girl for Raw" I was intrigued at this way of life and decided I'd try it.. well at least for just one day, it wouldn't hurt.

Stephanie provides you with a free downloadable e-book complete with your Raw24 detox shopping list and menu for the day you have two to choose from and if you feel you want to go further after completion then there is a 7 day e-book juicing and Raw diet plan.


Saturday 14 September 2013

Woke up did my 2:20sec plank a day exercise part of a plank challenge I'm doing for the month of September.

Detox Tea
Zing Water

My detox started with, cup of detox tea followed by a pint of zing water which you have to drink before breakfast, (this stuff really makes you pee alot, which is a good thing) while I sipped on my zing water I then did a 20 minute workout before breakfast, then made myself a fruit bowl with Chocolate sticky balls.

The Choc balls were amazing.. You can find the menu for the day & recipe from the One Day Raw Detox e-book. Whilst making these balls I was thinking to myself they are not going to taste very nice, but I was really surprised. Absolutely loved them..

You really need to get your hands in to mix the ingredients it was a rather sticky job but I enjoyed it and licking my fingers after I had made them.. Oh make sure your wash your hands after you have licked them.. Hygiene people!!

After making and eating breakfast I prep my lunch & dinner, so it was ready when i needed it.

Lunch - Kale & Green Leaf Salad

Dinner - Raw Stir Fry

Dinner - Raw Rice

I enjoyed the whole raw24 experience and recommend it to anyone to at least try it once, I'm not saying I'm a convert but will do a raw day at least once or twice a month and if I'm feeling really brave try the 7 day plan. It's not for everyone and it was a little hard going, well more the dinner part than anything else. The food was really tasty full of flavour but raw!! Getting your head around the raw part is hard as all I wanted to do was put my raw stir fry in a wok and cook it up. If you are interested to find out what was in my raw stir fry & raw rice check out the e-book.

Read Stephanie's testimony on how she healed herself by eating raw.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and all views are my own.

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