Monday, 21 October 2013

CrossFit Bold - My Experience

I was invited by the lovely Laura Kettle to attend her clients Crossfit session at CrossfitBold based in Earlsfield SW London.  I arrived early and was greeted by Helen, one of the coaches and had the pleasure of watching her and colleague Nigel do a warm up. While watching I developed some anxiety and began to wonder "if I were to leave right now, would they notice" lol 
The workout looked easy enough to begin with, but as they approached the second set, it started to look grim, and especially after seeing Nigel rolling on the floor grasping for breathe when he had finished.

What is crossfit? Crossfit brings different training methods together like Gymnastics, Olympic lifting, power lifting, sprint drills, plyometrics, kettle bells and other activities to improve the ten components of fitness: strength, power, speed, stamina, cardio-respiratory endurance, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and flexibility.

There were two other attendees Katy & Leah taking part in the session, we got started with some warm up exercises, then ventured outside for a little jog in the car park to get our heart & blood pumping.

Upon our return, Nigel & Helen talked us through the techniques & movements of each exercise. (Burpees, Box Jumps & Kettle Bell Swings), sounds easy right, well it was.....NOT!!

Warming up

Warming up

Squat Techniques

Squat Techniques

American Swings - Overhead

American Swings - Overhead

Number of reps/sets

Box Jumps

Box Jumps


Kettle Bell Swings

My Initial feeling while doing these exercises, was my whole body screaming out STOP!!! 
Sweat was pouring; my throat became dry and I would of hated to have seen my face all screwed up from exhaustion. We worked through the workouts, trying to count while doing it was horrible, I couldn’t remember how many I had done and started to feel very confused but I got through it.

I was so relived upon finishing and felt a great sense of achievement. Hot sweaty faces all round, then big smiles *high five

High Five
We then moved upstairs to stretch out our muscles and have a little chat. I thoroughly enjoyed it, yes it was hard but sometimes you need to break through that pain barrier and push through...
My motto is work hard or go home!!

Goodies we received for our hardwork :)

Crossfit is for all levels of fitness and they welcome people from all walks of life from trained athletes to people like me who just love to workout.

If you want to find out what crossfit is all about you can book a free trial session, this is recommended before you can signup to the elements program. The elements program is what you would need to do before you can join the regular classes, which consist of 30 sessions and cost £300 (equivalent to £10 per session).

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Disclosure: I attended crossfit bold for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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