Friday, 29 November 2013

Feeling Competitive try Cyclebeat

Cyclebeat!! Is this just another RPM/Spin class.....?

Well I was about to find out... I regularly do RPM and wanted to find out what the difference was so when I was asked to try it out I jumped at the chance.
arrived nice an early, booked myself in at reception and went off to get change. They offered me some cycling shoes to use which I decided to try(be rude not to). It was very strange having to slot and clip myself onto the pedals as I was so use to just slipping my feet into the pedal straps and getting them off was a challenge too(fun & games).  

On this particular day and time they were having some technical difficulties with the music system – Grrr! trust it to happen when I decide to come and visit, never mind it was still business as usually as they brought in a ghetto blaster which did the trick.

The bikes were a lot different to the ones I was use to using at my local gym, these were very high tech, with a mini computer screen measuring RPM , heart rate, miles, power etc.... it lets you know how hard you are working (brilliant). It also had a little lever for your gear change/resistance which made it easier for us as riders to actually see what resistance you are working with. All bikes are numbered and you are able to book the bike you want to ride beforehand, the bikes are also setup in a way that makes it easy for everyone to see the instructor.

At the front of the studio are two electronic screens called beatboards they identify your bike number, here you will be able to see where you rank on the leaderboard, I suppose it’s helps/pushes those who are alittle competitive to work harder and race the person in front of them. I had no intention of working any harder than I was working, my legs were doing overtime and had sweat dripping into my eyes blurring my version, thank god they provided you with little white face towels to wipe your brow in my case my whole face, think I was third from last on the leaderbroad not that I was competing but I was proud that I wasn’t last. Lol

The session ended so quickly, I could have easily done another 45 minutes... NOT! On a serious note I really enjoyed it and recommend anyone to give it a try or join, especially if you live/work in the London area; it's so easy to pop along after work or maybe if youre visiting the UK and want to break-up the site seeing - check the website for times of rides.
At the end of your session you will receive an email of your performance and this is saved onto your account so you can track your fitness improvements.
Due to the technical issues with the stereo, Michelle the Deputy Manager of Cyclebeat sent me a lovely email to apologise and to offer me a complimentary ride; I said told Michelle I still enjoyed it despite the technical glitch, I really appreciated her email and kind gesture. Look forward to taking up the offer soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to come and ride with you guys, a big thumbs up from me.

Cyclebeat are currently offering a 20 Days for £20 Introductory Offer, which gets you 20 days of unlimited rides for £20. This deal is only available to new members.
£15 for 1 class (pay as you go)
Classes are all day everyday
They offer monthly & annual subscription, prices which can be found on the website.

To stay up to date with whats going on you can follow their social sites below.

Disclosure: I attended Cyclebeat for the purpose of a review .This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged.  All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.


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