Monday, 4 November 2013

The Juicery - Pop up Launch

I was invited to the launch of The Juicery (108 Marylebone) popup by Mina Zaher a fellow blogger and owner of Relish Content. I arrived nice and early and was greeted by Cindy who is the founder of The Juicery. They were setting up so I went to the lobby and relaxed with a cup of green tea...

Come 8.30 the launch was in full swing, Cindy came to find me and we headed back to the venue, we spoke about various things, about how the Juicery came about. It is the first pop up with 108 Marylebone Lane, Bar & Restaurant.

The Juicery is a new approach to healthy drinking and eating, from an experts’ point of view, they commissioned leaders in nutrition and integrative medicine to come up with signature recipes that taste as good as they are good for you. 

I tried the Lemon & Ginger shot which was made from grapefruit & cayenne pepper.

Ginger, Lemon & Cayenne Pepper shot

It was the most explosive shot I have every tasted and was so so nice!! I had to have another. Definitely a morning power shot to invigorate your senses, who needs coffee after that, not me! Not that I’m a coffee drinker.

There were small groups of people talking, drinking and laughing and as I came on my own and didn’t know anyone there, it was very daunting. I would describe myself as a shy person especially when it comes to functions like this and sometimes find it hard to just walk up to someone and start-up a conversation. I looked around to find someone to talk to and introduced myself to a lady called Lucinda and we got talking, now I was happy that I wasn’t standing round like “Billy no mates” 

The waitress's went round offering green juices & one made with coffee and some delicious canopies, my favourite was the chia pudding made by Chef Russell Ford.

Chia Pudding

So after mingling, talking to various people and sampling the delicious canopies and drinks,  Patrick King CEO opened with a brief introduction and mentioned how the food used in the restaurant was all fresh and locally sourced, Cindy Palusamy the owner of The Juicery started a year ago, and saw  it as a great opportunity after talking to nutritionist and medical experts. The Juicery is open at 108 Marylebone Lane until 31st January 2014 and will hopefully popup in another location. The Juicery offers over 20 healthy juices & smoothies and also delicious healthy food.

Just some of the juices on the menu
Unfortunately nutritionist Amelia Ferrer was unable to attend, so we had the pleasure of Calgary Avansino healthy eating expert, give a talk  on eating healthily. She started off with “What should you eat  We should all include more fresh fruit and vegetables into our diets, eating greens is a must have - broccoli, kale, spinach, celery all that good stuff which doesn’t just have to be cooked or eaten raw but can be juiced and if you buy too much even freeze it so nothing is wasted. I’ve done a bit of juicing in my time and never knew that juicing should contain 80% vegetables, so easy on the fruit it will make your blood sugar level spike. 

Calgary Avansino

Have you ever consider subscribing to a monthly veg box delivery? I have done that in the past and have been looking into subscribing again or even visiting my local farmers market for organic fruits and vegetables.

Eat more good grains (un-refined)  brown rice, wholegrain pasta etc, the benefits of eating wholegrain will improve your diet quality and health.

Eat more nuts, avocados / good fats lower bad cholesterol and try frying with coconut oil.

How do you get kids to eat healthy? - start them from young, feel your house with healthy foods, experiment with raw veggies to see if they like it with a dip, test them out. It's all about balance and positivity.

The talk from Calgary was very educational and I came away with a new outlook on healthy eating, and that day went to Holland & Barrett and brought a load of healthy goodies.

Thanks guys an awesome event. 

Eat healthy without the fear of getting fat.


Disclosure: I attended 108 Marylebone Lane -The Juicery for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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