Friday, 22 November 2013

Weight Gain Challenge

I started my clean eating journey in June 2013I do have the occasionally cheat day, and when I say “cheat day” I mean just one naughty meal not the whole day and work by the 80:20 rule. So since this journey I’ve loss 8lbs and now a little concerned that I’ll just keep losing the weightI do 3 - 4 classes a week (RPM, Kettle bells, Body Attack & Body Combatreligiously and now thinking of cutting down to just two classes a week. I really don’t want to do that so what to do?

I asked a couple of people whether it was possible to gain weight and still be healthy and the answer was “YES” Doing weight training to build muscle. I’ve been doing a lot of cardio/toning work and not really doing much weight training at all, also upping my calorie intake was key as I was burning more than I ate, although I thought I ate loads... StrangeSo I’m setting myself a weight gain challenge.

Snack more (healthy snacks)

Eat frequently 

Protein shakes after workouts to repair and build muscle

Incorporate weight training into my regime at least twice a week plus my regular exercise classes.

I hate going to the gym, it’s always filled with sweaty buff men and I get a little shy in those sort of environments so I think I’ll do my weight training at home or do a bodypump class. I’m addicted to classes whatever works right?....

I have also toiled with the idea of hiring a PT to help with a Nutrition Plan and get by body to were I want it to be if all fails between now and the end of the year I will begin in the New Year.

Do I have an idea weight in mind?

I was really happy with being 10st 7lb as I still had a slim athletic build but full around the middle, every woman’s pet hate, which was my reason for changing the way I ate. Today (22 November 2013) I weigh 9st 12lb.I would love to get back up there or close too. So wish me luck gang.

Will keep you posted on how I get on.

I will be using Fitness pal to work out my calorie intake and to keep me on track

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