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Revival Bootcamp - Weight Loss & Fitness

I've never done a bootcamp before so was really happy when I received an email from the guys at Revival Bootcamp Richmond North Sheen to come down and try it out to review for my blog. When I think of bootcamp, I think about army base hardcore regimental workouts and that scared me a little. 

The primary focus of Revival Bootcamp is to help you reduce your metabolic age, which will in turn help you to lose weight and tone up.

I started my day nice and early woke up at 5:50am got ready and had breakfast (spinach omelette - Mmm) left the house at 8:15am, everything was running smoothly until I found out my train was only running a few stop done the line.. WTH! (rail track maintenance) I needed to get to Kew Gardens which was the other end of the district line and I was at the beginning so now had to figure out how I was going to get to my destination. Thank GOD for smart phones. Anywho I figured it out and was running late by now.

Bootcamp was scheduled to start at 10am, I think I got there about ten past and I wasn't the only one turning up at that time, which made me feel better, I hate being late. A little section of the park was setup for the day, I was greeted by the lovely PT Marty who is an Ex Army Marine Commando.

We had an introductory brief and then did a warm up by jogging a couple of laps and then went in with the first of many exercises planned for the day. So first up Circuit Training which consisted of a series of 10 exercises broken up with little runs in between once that was finished we had a hydration break.

While Marty setup for our next course - Boxercise. I paired up with Becky....  I held the focus pads while Becky had the gloves the exercises worked the upper body as well as the core we did two rounds of straight punches, hooks & upper cuts and then a count down from 50 punches 49 and so on down to 1 with little runs in between the end of each set and finishing off with abs the swapped over. My goodness I thought the circuit training was hard, but this just took the biscuit, my arms and legs were really feeling it and even tho your holding up the focus pads, you not just standing there your getting a workout too. My incentive to finish was that it would be lunchtime.

Snacks & Lunch I packed for the day

So after our 30min lunch break we went right back into it... Military Team Games, Endurance runs, Abs & core training and to finish of the session a warm done and stretch.

Battle Rope and Abs Stations

I can say at the end of the day, my body was not my own, legs were heavy stomach was in pain and I was mentally tired from the days antics, but it was the most amazing day I have ever experienced. It wasn't so regimental but it was hard as hell. I went to bed that night at 9.30pm that's how broken I was, woke up Sunday with my body still not my own and walking around like a zombie.. The pain is always an indication that you worked hard... LOVE IT!!

The Team - All smiles now we had finished

Marty encourages you all the way and you will leave feeling like you have accomplished something great, which you have. 

Thanks Niamh for the invite and to Marty for the encouragement and working our butts off, it was such an awesome day.  

At the moment they are offering throughout December a morning bootcamp session for £15 from 10am-1pm.

To keep to up to date on what's going on visit Revival Bootcamp on


Disclosure: I attended Revival Bootcamp for the purpose of a review. This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged.  All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.


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