Friday, 20 December 2013

The Juicery - Cocktails After Dark at 108 Marylebone Bar & Restaurant

Following the success of The Juicery launch (pop-up) in September 2013 they decided to add come cocktails to the mix over the festive season. A touch of healthy juices with a hearty helping of spirits.

The Juicery - After Dark Cocktails official launched on Thursday 14th November 13.

I was invited to attend, so I arranged to go last Friday (Friday 13th December) I was allowed to bring a plus 1 so asked my hubby if he was free and if he wasn't, to change his plans, which he did. (bless him)

There were four cocktails on the menu:

Ambrose Mojito  
Ambrose; raspberry, lemon, elderflower & rose water, muddled with Drambuie, Mayers Dark Rum & mint

Sidecar on Fifth
Fifth Avenue; grapefruit, orange, apple, lime & mint, with Cognac, Triple Sec & lemon juice, shaken over ice

Beetroot Bellini
Greenwich; Apple, beetroot, carrot, pomegranate & mint, topped with Champagne

Green Martini
Green Blend; kiwi, cucumber, parsley & mint, shaken with Hendricks & Gin Mare 

Unfortunately they didn't have the Ambrose Mojtio available due to it's popularity, so I had the Beetroot Bellini to start with and hubby had the same. It was delish, the beetroot taste was very subtle it went down a treat with the bubbles of the champs. Think I'll be making this one at love loved it!

By now I was feeling very relaxed with the subdued lighting and the DJ playing some nice jams in the background...perfect! We ordered some nibbles which were also complimentary, I had the hummus & pitta bread & hubby the smoked spicy salami with a selection of breads.

The next cocktail to try was the Sidecar on Fifth, the tangy citrus fruit was refreshing, could really taste the Cognac too.

Lastly the Green Martini, I'm not a fan of gin, but surprisingly it didn't taste too bad, you could really taste the green if you know what I mean and it did leave a bitter after taste but apart from that was nice enough.

I love Mojtio's and was gutted I didn't get to try it, I guess it was for the best because after drinking 3, I was feeling a little wavy.

I love the idea of the fusion of fruit & vegetables to make a healthy cocktail. It was such a lovely evening and the perfect date night, such a great way to end the long working week. 

108 Marylebone Bar & Restaurant/The Juicery is the perfect place to entertain, have dinner and a few drinks, the staff are very polite and attentive. Why not give them a visit after a shopping trip or go after work, enjoy the timeless classic cocktails with a twist available every evening for £8.00.

The Juicery will be open until 31st January 2014.


"Drink Responsibly"

Images provided by 108 Marylebone Bar & Restaurant

Disclosure: I attended 108 Marylebone Lane -The Juicery for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.


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