Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Who Inspires you? Ernestine Shepherd - Inspirational & Over 50

Ernestine Shepherd

Ernestine is 77yrs 80 yrs (updated 2016)young and in impeccable shape, at age 71 she began competitive bodybuilding training. She was honoured in 2012 by the Guinness World Book of Record’s as the oldest female bodybuilder (2010-2011).

It all started one day when Ernestine and her sister were invited to a picnic and they were told they could wear swimsuits, so off they went on a shopping trip, but were unhappy with the way they looked. They mutually agreed that they were going to change that, by improving their health/lifestyle and also made plans to compete for a Guinness World Record.

Sadly, Ernestine lost her sister to a brain aneurysm which lead Ernestine to fall into depression. During her time of mourning she was reminded that her sister would of wanted her to carry on with the dream of becoming a Guinness World Record holderAt the age of 56 Ernestine won two bodybuilding titles which is just astonishing.  Just because you are over 50 doesn't mean things have to slow down.

If I could look as good at her age I would be very happy, there really isn't any excuse not to get active, workout and prolong long and healthy life. To keep her strong physique, Ernestine’s diet consists of 1,700 calories a day, mostly scrambled eggs whites, brown rice, chicken, vegetables & liquid eggs white drinks.  Ernestine also runs about 10 miles every morning, after her run she would head down to the gym for a workoutthen do a personal training class & run an aerobic class at her local church, encouraging and inspiring the older community to get active and live a fit & healthy lifestyle. I've nicknamed her "The Bionic Woman" as she just doesn't keep still, nothing frail about this woman at all, and will put most young people to shame.

When I came across Ernestine story I was seriously inspired by her zeal, determination & dedication, pushing boundaries that you just wouldn't consider doing at that age. 
It just goes to show age is really nothing but a number.

It’s never too late to start people. Let’s get active young & old.

Health & Love. x

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