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Systematic Kinesiology

I attended a session at Barking Bathhouse, after leaflets were left in the office at work. I first heard about Kinesiology through tweeter and was intrigued to know more, so was really happy to hear that a practitioner was operating in my borough, and just a stone throw away from the office.

My reasons for wanting to attend were due to stomach issuesthe constant bloating and discomfort, which the doctor said could be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Great!

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I booked myself in and was greeted by the receptionist, the atmosphere was inviting with gentle music playing in the background.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who was going to be performing Kinesiology on me. The sister of a really good friend I went to college with. It was so nice catching up and reminiscing on the old days... what fun!

She asked me a few questions about my health and what I was looking to get out of the sessions, in which I told her about the problems I had been experiencing with my stomach and other issues I had concerns about.
Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to health and well-being: Using the technique of muscle testing to locate and prioritise problem areas, issues, and physiological imbalances.

Overall it would appear that Kinesiology is able to help with a wide range of conditions:

  • Digestive problems
  • Normal, menstrual and Infertility issues
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Emotional imbalances and trauma
  • And much more...

Massage, acupressure, emotional and nutritional advice are all used as techniques when relevant in order to help to heal, re balance and reset the body. Apparently we can develop imbalances from all sorts of things; a fall, an emotional upset, negative thoughts, or eating too many non-nourishing foods for example.

I lay on the bed and practitioner (Havva) started off by massaging lymph points in the back of my neck - stimulating lymph points increases flow to the muscles and to nearby organs, which is beneficial to the patient it relaxes the nervous system and aids the body's immune system.  It was quite painful which meant that there was some kind of congestion. Then some muscle tests were performedI had to extend my arm while Havva pulled my arm towards her in turn I had to push away. She then done some Meridian tracing – Meridian tracing are energy paths within the body that lead to key organs in the body, which are stimulated by massaging or brushing.
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While my muscles were being tested certain herbal tablets and remedies were placed on my chest, to determine my body’s response to the herbs and other remedies. If it was something my body needed then I would be able to resist the pulling tests which were being performed. The whole process was rather strange and I laughed out loud a couple of times. She also massaged my stomach area (small intestine area).

I’m looking forward to my next session which will be in 6 weeks. I was prescribed some herbal supplements to take according to my response to the testing which are suppose to elevate my symptoms.

Mega Chel  helps to address obstructions, activate digestive and tissue healing enzymes, address blood circulation, edema and promote stronger capillaries.

Proatcyzme – Digestive enzyme, helps break down food, Improves digestion and provides plant-sourced enzymes.

PawPaw  Used for preventing and treating gastrointestinal tract disorders.

It was quite funny because she also picked up that I can get irritated quite easily too, so prescribed me some Bach Beech – which is suppose to help you feel more tolerant towards people. Hmmm it better work for me. I swear this woman was just pushing products on me to buy... lol  And me who will try anything once decided I would give them all ago, they were natural and organic herbal tablets which I prefer to use instead of prescribed drugs from the doctors. I believe unless it's absolutely necessary for me to take prescribed drugs, go for the herbal alternative.

I can’t say I noticed any relief from my first session but it is early days, plus I have not yet started to take the supplements as they are on order. I will probably do a follow up blog on weather I feel my symptoms improving.

Have you tried or heard of Kinesiology? Please leave me a comment, would love to hear if it worked for you?

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