Thursday, 24 July 2014

An evening of #Currysintrojuicing, Nutrition & Body Conditioning


So I attended a Nutrition, Juicing and Fitness event organised by the lovely team at Greenlight (Joe Blogs Network) and hosted by Currys who were promoting a new range of juicers to encourage people to get healthy through juicing.
Nutrition Talk with Derry Temple

The event started off with an introduction from Currys Social Media Rep Megan who then handed over to Derry  – Nutritionist and fitness expert who works at Urban Kings Gym, he educated us about the nutritional benefits of juicing and how you can incorporate them in your daily fitness routine, which provide vitamins and nutrients not easier consumed through cooked foods. He also spoke about the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 - I have never heard of these before and thought it was some new diet. It was a very informative presentation.

Dirty Dozen - fruits and veggies that have a higher amount of pesticides, so switching to organic will reduce the amount of toxins you consume on a daily basis. I’m all about eliminating toxins from my body and if I have to pay a bit extra for that then so be it.

Clean 15 – fruits and veggies you can purchase non organic if you so desire. I say if you can buy your fruits and veggies organic then do it, your body will love you for it in the long run.

I have been juicing for a few years on and off but more frequently this year. I wash my fruits & veggies any way and knew organic was better, but after this I am more inclined to buying more organic now. 
Time to get our juice on

A rainbow of fruits and veggies were provided to make our juices – we washed & prepped. I knew I wanted a Green Juice from the start, and chose the following – Spinach, Cabbage, Celery, Parsley, Apple, Pineapple, Ginger & Lime, then added Koko dairy free milk and a scoop of My Protein in after. It’s best to go for more veggie base than a fruit base juice as the sugar content will be less and better for your health. The juicers were supplied by Phillips and they were an amazing piece of equipment.

Avance Collection

Body Conditioning
The group was split in to two as the gym couldn't accommodate as all. The first group headed off next door to Urban Kings Gym for a 30min session. As we entered the gym, the reception area was clean with a great fitness themed decor, we headed downstairs to the gym area and you knew it because you were hit with the hot sticky stench of sweat in the air. *hands over nose. 
Group Pic before we got sweaty *courtesy of Gemma
The floor area was set out into circuit stations. We warmed up first with a jog and various other exercises to get the heart rate pumping; we were then put into teams, Teams A & B! I was team B! How fitting. Lol

10 reps x 3 Rounds
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Squats with overhead weight pushups
  • Step Ups
  • Weight bag squats (I think)
  • Press ups
  • Normal squats
  • Bunny Tops
  • Ladder Runs

It was hard going, nothing I’m not use too, I remember crying out. Help! No more! And hugging the padded wall for comfort. Come to think of it, all I needed was a straitjacket. We were determining as a team to win, so we all encouraged each other to get through it. WE WON!! Woohoo! High fives all round.

After warming down we headed back to the office to get out juice on, as it was much needed after that grueling session.

Emma, Dani & Me - Sweaty


That has got to be the best blogger event the Joe Blogs team have done so far. Thanks so much guys. What will you come up with next?  I left the event buzzing, so much so I couldn't even sleep that night.
A big thank you to Currys for an eventful evening. You can read what Currys had to say about the night here.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, no money has been exchanged. All views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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