Friday, 1 August 2014

Go Ahead - Fruity Feel Good Extravaganza Event

Free Good

attended a rather fruity & colourful event this week hosted by Go Ahead and organised by 3-Monkeys PR.

Go ahead’s fruity feel good extravaganza - the ultimate collection of 100 feel good moments at The Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens over looking the beautiful view of the City skyline. Where you can experience your favourite feel good moments with edible art displays created by renowned food artist Miss Cakehead, to Mariachi bands, sandcastle-making to a melon bowling alley. Plus drinks, canap├ęs, and a live DJ. The event was free and open to the public.

United Biscuits have had a re-launch and have done a huge marketing campaign to re-introduce the healthier biscuit for those times when you’re tempted by something delicious, but feel like you shouldn’t have it, with a new logo and a brand new advert.


Go ahead! Is the 6th biggest sweet biscuit brand on the market, classed as number 2 healthier biscuit brand. And contains a minimum of 25% fruit across the go ahead range of products.

I’m not a big fan of biscuits but did try a few of their fruity slices, they tasted ok, filled that gap of a sweet treat. These biscuits are low in saturated fat, calories per slice can range from 72 – 133 calories. The sugar content ranged from 5.3g - 13.7g per slice. If you trying to cut out sugar from your diet then this little boy may not be the right thing for you especially when you’re eating a whole pack which may contain 3 slice.

Have you tried the go ahead biscuit range? What did you think of them?

I made arrangements to meet up with fellow blogger Natalie Goodchild who blogs over at The Blond Ethos, we wondered around and got involved with some of the activities setup. 

Selfie.. Cheese!

Walking the Red Carpet

Don't ask!

Made me feel Like a child again - making sandcastles

Cherry Love! Lol

Do you remember edible sugar paper?

Check me out in my cameo role..haha

Video courtesy of go ahead

Edible Art

Melon Bowling

I had a good time, a real #feelgood event.... Thanks guys!

When I got home I decide to put on the contents of my goodie bag - strawberry t-shirt and pineapple sun glasses along with boxes of go ahead, for a really feel good photo to mark the end of a good night.
Feel Good Moment


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