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London River Rat Race - A Wet n Wild Experience

10k River Rat Race

Firstly, I never thought in my life I'd would be competing in something like this. (swimming, wading, crawling, splashing, climbing, jumping & running) It was totally AMAZE-BALLS! Thousands participated and conquered in an assault course of 20 obstacles which stretched just over 6 miles. 

I was up bright and early and raving to go, my friend Monica was meeting me at my house for 8am so I could follow her to the London Excel Centre as I was unsure of the directions. We arrived for 8:15am and waited for the rest of the team (Team Breakin Boundez). 

Scheduled to compete in the 3rd wave which stated at 9:30am, we registered, picked up our T-Shirts and envelope containing our race number and wrist bands, we even had a mini photoshoot... Nah I'm serious! Lol.. I joke!! Team Captain Dani had arranged for one of her friends who was going to be working there on the day as a photographer, to take a few pics of us before, during and after the race.

As we waited around, the 1st wave was due to start, we watched them set off and my jaw dropped when I saw what was in store - over the hurdles they go, I was so nerves at that point and wanted to go home.

Before our group (Group Blue) started, we were sommoned by The Gym Group to warm up with a few squats, stretches etc, and then made our way to the starting line for the dreaded count down and to check are timer wrist bands 5..4..3..2..1 and we're off. 

Warm up Exercises

The 1st obstacle wasn't too bad, 2nd required upper body strength, now my upper body may look strong but I am a little rubbish when it come to trying to climb a raised platform, but managed it some how. So all this started of in the arena - running, tire runs and climbing crowd barriers.

The six of us on the tyre run

We then ventured outside, we hit our first wet obstacle - wading, so now I have wet feet and I'm running with squishing trainers and feeling a bit like a duck. I was very tempted to start quacking.*Quack Quack

There was a good distance between each challenge which broke up the 10k nicely. Each obstacle was quite hard to say the least, having to fully submerge yourself under the murky water to swim under a giant inflatable tube to get to the other side, i came out shouting "It stinks" It water really did smell bad.. and so did I now. I was cold, wet, smelly and not 

The hardest part of it all was the jump into the docks known as (into the drink) which I chickened out of. I just couldn't do it, felt like I would be jumping to my death. My other team member Nicole decided against it too so we both cheered for our fellow team mates, especially for Dani who blogs over at This Womans Word who really wasn't looking forward to it as she has a fear of heights. But was determined to do it for her charity she was raising money for & for her Uncle who passed away from this terrible disease  - MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association). It took her a few minutes to get into the zone, but she did it, and what an amazing achievement for her. Well done Babe!! Your Uncle would be so proud of you. 

Dani's Courageous Jump
You can watch a mini clip taken from Dani's head cam of one of the team jumping into the drink by clicking HERE

On the road to Victory

I don't know who thought up these challenges but by god they were horrible, if there wasn't someone around to give you a bunk up at some of them so you can get you leg over there was no way I could of pulled myself up over these walls with my poor upper body. The rubber rings was another upper body strength and balance challenge, the large inflatable rings were tided together from one platform to the other, but they were on the water and you had to pull yourself along. Boy was it difficult I was trying desperately not to fall off, I never giggled so much listening to my fellow team mates screaming and falling into the water, thankful I reached the other side, a couple of my team mates were not so lucky and fell in. 


My favourite part has got to be the Kayaking, I partnered up with Nicole, we started off well but then ended up going way off course and laughing so much because we couldn't turn the kayak around.. Too funny! 

I was really proud of myself going down the water slide, my fear was plonking in the docks and not coming back up even tho I was wearing a buoyancy jacket, I got my reassurance from the marshal that i wasn't going to drown, and plucked up the courage and went for it screaming all the way down. It was awesome... I loved it! 
Action pic jumping down from a raise platform after completing the 50ft waterslide and climbing up the slippery wall

By then the group had split up Monica and Lakshmi was way in front, followed by myself and Carmen with Nicole and Dani not too far behind. My knee started playing up and I had to stop and walk a wee bit. Every time I started to run it would hurt so just had to ran through the pain, just wanted to get to the end. 

As Carmen and I passed 9km It felt so good... you know that feeling like OMG I'm almost at the end. Coming up to the finish line, I could hears cheers from other participates, I couldn't believe I had got through it, I couldn't of done it without the Breakin Boundez team by my side and the best thing was I managed not to break a single I think that deserves a medal..haha.

Had the best time with my girls, filled with laughter throughout, can't wait to see the video footage that was captured by Dani's head cam. Think we are all looking forward to the next challenge... Whatever that maybe. GOD HELP US! We all left buzzing at what we had achieved. 

Six very proud strong woman 
Left - Right : Nicole, Me, Team Captain Dani, Carmen, Lakshmi & Monica
A real BIG Thank You to the staff and marshals at the event for their encouragement throughout. You guys rock!! and to Colvin Hazzard for capturing some really great moments of us during the event throughout too. And of course my home girl Dani for the complimentary entry.

The event raised more than £50,000 for the homeless charity - Shelter, thats just awesome. I was so happy to be apart of it.

Check out the bling!!

Photo Credit: Colvin Hazzard Hazpics Photography

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