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Premae Mattifying Mousse Foundation - founded by Lady Clare Eluka

Premae MM Foundation that’s Safe Enough to Sleep In!

I was due to attend the Allergy Free Show at the Olympia with my Mum, Sister & Nephew on 4th July 2014. I received a call from my friend Dani who blogs over at This Woman's Word, she mentioned she was attending and if I fancied coming along with her on the Saturday to get colour matched for a new foundation that was been launched on 5th July. 

As I was already going on the Friday and wasn’t really feeling having to go down there again the next day, so initially said No! But this was before I had come away from our conversation and learning more about this new Allergy Free Foundation called Premae Mattifying Mousse made with Mango butter... I was like WHAT!!...Mango Butter! It’s just unheard of, makeup containing such things. 

Now I’m not a makeup kind of girl and only wear foundation, mascara and eyeliner on special occasions. I’m always at the gym alot and putting on makeup daily, just seems too much of a chore for me, plus I just love letting my skin breath. So moments later after the information had sunk in I quickly messaged Dani and said “yes” I’m not missing out on that.
You were required to book yourself in for a 15min colour match and makeover, which I arranged to take place straight after Dani’s. Clare the founder of Premae did a consultation first to find out about the products I used and what skin type I was. I explained I was using Neal’s Yard Remedies and that I believe my skin to be pretty normal with the occasional breakout around the time of the month. 

Clare performed 3 steps to prep my face before testing out the foundation. (Balance Rescue Face Wash, Haromony Balancing Shine Control Serum Primer & finished off by spraying my face with Balance Rescue Face Tonique)  She tested 3 shades in the dark range 13 – Sweet Date,  14 - Prunella & 15 - Rye. I could barely see what was applied to my face so Clare applied it a little thicker so I could.
Being colour tested
We agreed that shade 14 - Prunella was the one for me.

Is there any difference??

The world’s 1st Allergy UK Awarded Vegan beauty brand, Premae Skincare launches their first foundation, deemed ‘the healthiest foundation ever’. It claims to give more coverage than a BB & CC cream, its wearable, breathable and non-clogging. 
Clare is a qualified Natural Lift Facial Massage Therapist, specialising in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation using Indian and Japanese Massage, Reiki and Reflexology for pressure points on the face, to naturally lift and contour for youthful plump skin.

It took Clare Eluka 3 years to conceive this wonderful MM Foundation formula travelling abroad and gathering the right ingredients. MM Foundation uses 10 probiotic ingredient and natural preservatives. 

While we were there Dani conducted an interview with Clare - you can read all about it here.
Premae foundation is suitable for all skin types and available in 15 luxury shades from Pale to very Dark, catering to classic combination dry, mature and sensitive skin. The shades are named Gluten-free wholegrain and superfood ingredients which resemble each foundation shade such as Rye and Quinoa (foods which she loves)
* 15 Shades - photo courtesy of Premae

8 core benefits:

  • World first Mango Butter based foundation
  • 2 in 1 Mattifying Mousse Creme to power formula
  • Anti-ageing, Antioxidant and Phyto Nutrient (Vegan fruit and herb ingredients)
  • 15 shared from fair, olive to very dark
  • Buildable coverage: light to full
  • The 1st healthy foundation formula
The faces for Premae MM Foundation are (pictured below): Kate Braithwaite (Fitness Model & Actress (A regular Women's Health model), Zoe Kypri (Singer for Rudimental & Artful Dodger), Roucheon (Singer, Album in charts) and Karen Bryson (Celebrity Actress, Shameless Ch4). All clients of Founder, Lady Clare Eluka and genuine fans of the brand.
Face for Premae - photo courtesy of Premae

I love the fact that MM Foundation has lavender and rose essential oils, which are both healing for the skin, I use skincare with these oils in on a daily bais at home so know it’s good stuff and will do nothing but condition you skin and bring out a nature glow, which is exactly what this foundation does. You won’t believe you are wearing foundation. It's also free from gluten, nuts and tree nuts, parabens, petrochemicals and SLS.
Dani & Me wearing our MM Foundation
I wonder if Clare will venture into something else who knows but I will be keeping a close eye on this Lady to find out. Apart from foundation, Premae also do a range of skincare.

Lady Clare Founder of Premae

New Premae Mattifying Mousse Foundation retails at £32 or 15g and is available from It is a bit pricey for those on a budget but you will not be disappointed with how nature its conditioning your skin. I always say you can't to put a price on your health and when you think about your skin being your biggest organ, and whatever you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream then with a product like this you know it’s not doing your health any harm. Now that makes me smile, what about you?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, no money has been exchange. This purely my experience and all views and opinions are entirely my own.


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