Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Zombie Evacuation Race - Sponsored by Currys

Zombie Apocalypse: Run for Your Life 

I jumped at the chance when I was asked if I wanted to attend The Zombie Evacuation 5k Race. I was like “YES sign me up” I’m a big fan of all things zombies and love the horror genre. Right from the tender age of 6, I remember watching my first Hammer House of Horror movie with my dad and from then loved the blood and gore – sick child I know, but I am my father’s daughter who is also a big fan of that genre. 

Any who I arranged to meet up with friend & fellow lifestyle blogger Fuzzy Monz-Star and we made our way down to Allianz Park where it was being held. We arrived bright and early for registration, signed waivers and picked up our timing clips & life belt then waited for the rest of the Joe Bloggers entourage to arrive. (the life belt had 3 Life Tags on it These are attached to the belt by Velcro and it is the aim of the Zombies on the course to rob you of those tags by snatching them and ripping them free of your belts as you try to dodge past).

The lovely Marin from the Joe Bloggers Team arrived and issued us all with wearable tech bracelets courtesy of Currys, I was presented with a Jawbone Up24 Activity Tracker to track my progress.

We were all anxiously waiting in quarantine not knowing what to expect, pictures of missing people posted around the compound – would we become one of them? 

Missing Persons

My sister who blogs over at Bericebaby kept making me nervous, she was breathing heavily trying to keep herself calm, you would think this was really happening the way some of us were carrying on. Lol but as my sister keeps saying this kind of thing could happen, she really does crack me up at some of the things she comes out with especially the dreams she’s had about zombie invasions. But that’s another story....

So now the fun begins nightmare beings we made our way to the starting point to be given the drill by one of the army dudes in charge about the outbreak and how the medical team were the last to be seen entering and have not come out. 

As we set off there were some zombies hanging around the parameter, one of them freaked me out, he was running so fast, I was glad he was on the other side of the fence. All I was thinking is ‘Jeez they got some Usain Bolt Zombies up in ere’

We ran through tight spaces, through muddy ditches, I lost my first life and I was only 15min into it... Grrr! Damn that bloody zombie.

Running across open fields, through blood stained sheets hanging from trees where the medical camps had been setup.

Under barbed wire, through the thick of the woods, some of these obstacles was setup for failure many lost a life or two some were more lucky. You could hear the screams coming from all around, zombies roaming around, trying to infect you & grab a life, I tell you the makeup on these people were so convincing. I’ve never screamed so much in my life it was terrifying, even though you knew they were not real zombies, it was the fact that you were going to lose a life and your aim of the game is to reach the finish line and survive. I did in fact lose all my lives...Ssh don't tell anyone, haha but thanks to my fellow blogger comrade Ginger Warrior she gave up one of hers, giving me a chance of survival (I don’t think that was allowed but who cares - do check out her blog & vlog of the event it is brilliant).

So we are 500m away from the finish line and I’m happy that I still have one life left, we run though a room which was about 100m of darkness with little peeks of light, OMG! I’m not usually scared of the dark, I’m quite happy walking around my house with no worries, but this was a whole new experience, throw in some zombies and you feel like a child screaming for someone to put the light on, you could just about make out if you were seen by one of the infected, I made it though thank God! Our last hurdle before the finish line - 144m sprint pass the infected. How were we going to tackle the number of zombies scattered around the rugby field, now if you remember at the beginning of my post I mentioned the Usain Bolt zombies well I kid you not, they had me running for my life the fear really kicked in.


Unfortunately not....3secs away from the finish line and the bloody zombie got me... Nevermind I had a bloody good time, one of the best running events I have been to, I so want to do it again next year, such a fun way to get the heart pumping.

I would like to say is a BIG THANK YOU... to Currys for sponsoring this great event and for the wearable tech it is much appreciated & to the lovely guys at Joe Bloggers for the invite.

Check out Currys post about the event and their best wearable smart tech devices on the market.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, no money has been exchanged, the purpose of this post is for a review. All views opinions are entirely my own.

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