Monday, 19 January 2015

So I dont have IBS after all - Part 2

So what's next for me?

CT, MRI Scans then Surgery.. I had the CT scan just before Christmas and an MRI after Christmas. I got my results back from the CT & MRI which came back ok, but they wanted to be more thorough as these scans don't always show up everything. So a PET scan was scheduled for the New Year. 

A pet scan is used to diagnose and monitor a wide range of different conditions. UCL Hospitals were the first to install these scanners in the UK, so attended UCH MacMillan Cancer Centre in London. We arrived for my appointments at 8.30am, I changed into a gown, the radiologist checked my blood sugar, then set an IV in my arm so they can inject a radioactive glucose which can be detected by the PET scanner... By tracking the movements of the tracer, the scanner can build up a detailed image of a number of the body's functions, as well as identifying areas of the body that have been affected by disease - pretty remarkable really! I had to sit still for 45mins for the tracer to work it's way around my body before going in for the PET scan.

Intravenous (IV) Cannula awaiting Radioactive tracer (glucose) to be injected

So just like the MRI scan your given ear plugs to drown out the sound, I was asked to hold my breathe on a number of the tests, the scan and wasn't painful at all. 

Now with all the scans done and dusted, and my arm looking like I'm a heroin I await results from my PET scan, praying nothing else will be found and a date for my surgery would be given as soon as possible. 


PET scan found no other tumors and the cancer hadn't spread anywhere else. Hallelujah!! So happy... 

Surgery Date

Pre-Assessment - 20th Jan & Surgery scheduled for 28th January, originally setup for the 4th Feb but they had a cancellation. Lucky for me! I cant wait for this all to be over with so I can start rebuilding my health.

If your interested on how I got on after surgery etc, I will be updating the blog once I'm able.

Thanks for reading

"Listen & Know your body, it's the only one you have" 

So here's to good health. :)

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