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Soulmatefood Review

Food with your Body In Mind

I had the pleasure of trying out Soulmate Food after winning a competition on Health Bloggers Community page. I’d started following Soulmatefood on Twitter in the hope that one day of giving them ago, and it became a reality. Yeh...Lucky me!
Before setting up your plan Soulmate Foods great customer service require a few things from you beforehand, so your food can be tailored to your needs. They ask for your height, weight, your activity levels per week, DOB and any goals you would like to achieve.
I chose the Honestly Healthly Plan from their Menus option page - the alkaline way of eating. My package arrived early Thursday morning in a white box with a branded cardboard sleeve, inside contained 2 cooler packs which kept your items cold - 3 days worth of food Breakfast, AM snack, Lunch, PM snack and Dinner all packaged and sealed. The other 3 days would be delivered on Monday. I was so excited to know I wouldn’t have to cook for the next 6 days, well that wasn’t entirely true because I still had to cook for hubby...

Soulmate Food are Health Conscious Chefs creating meals tailored to your needs, whether you want to lost weight, gain weight they have a menu for you. They will also checking with you to see how you are getting on with your meals.
“Innovative lifestyle menus, hand created for the individual and delivered straight to your front door, Soulmate food is about being healthy, inside and out. Gourmet, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks prepared specifically for you, whatever your goal. This is health food, but not as you know it.”
Day 1
Breakfast (Spinach & Spirulina Green Smoothie)
This fresh green smoothie was delicious, so wholesome; it was like drinking cold soup. It had a lovely chew element to it so it wasn’t just a liquid beverage.

Snack (am) – Kale, Feta Dill Dip with Gluten free oatcakes
Oh my... it was delish, the dip came with 2 oat cakes, think I could have done with one more oat cake to finish off the dip, didn’t want to throw it away so ended up eating the rest with a spoon. It really wasn’t about wasting such delights.

Lunch – Tangled Pad Thai Salad
Watercress, celery, sugar snap peas, broccoli, carrots, with a puffed quinoa, goli berry, raisins, almonds cashew nut topping. I really liked it, the veggies were raw and crunchy and the sweetness of the raisins really made it. Not one for having raisins in a salad but it really worked.

PM Snack - Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice

Dinner - Herbed Polenta Cake with Greens & Mushrooms Sauce

Surprisingly this was rather filling, loved the mushroom sauce

Day 2 

Breakfast - Seed & Coconut Muesli with Fresh Berries, AM Snack - Brazil Nuts with a Lemon Shot, Lunch - Cashew & Super Green Quinoa Rocket Salad PM Snack - Berry & Beetroot Juice, Dinner - Roasted Celeriac & Aubergine with Spiced Tomato Sauce.

Day 3

Breakfast - Kale, Pear & Mint Radiance Smoothie, AM Snack - Baked Oatmeal with Raspberries, Lunch - Tomato & Coconut Soup, PM Snack - Spinach, Lemon, Pear & Broccoli Juice, Dinner - Falafel with Green Salad & Tzatziki

I was free to eat what I wanted on Sunday, I kept it clean & healthy and even incorporated a green smoothie in the morning. I couldn’t wait to get started again on Monday morning, where three more meals would be arriving.
Menus for the next 3 days

I really love the concept of Soulmate foods, it takes the strain off you not having to think about what to eat and caters for not only people wanting to lose weight / detox, but for fitness heads too.  Plans on offer and price start from £150 depending on number of days chosen.

Honestly Healthy
Sports Kitchen
Juice Diet
Soup and Supershot
Energy and Vitality 

I must admit I was left feeling rather hungry, especially on the days when I had a smoothie for breakfast, so munched on some nuts, fruit or oat biscuits to see me through. The quality of the food was bang on point, fresh, tasty and colourful. Customer service after care was amazing too, making sure you were ok, I have never had that kind of quality service before it was refreshing.

To connect with Soulmate Food you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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