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Colorectal Surgery & My Recovery

I'm extremely late posting this blog, so apologies to those who have been waiting for an update since finding out I had cancer. For those who have just stumbled on this post...You can read my story here. For the first few weeks of being out of hospital I was just too tired to do anything and then I heard a lot of people ranting on about Games of Thrones so got caught up watching that. Have you seen it? It's brilliant... Anywho here's is my update.

Wednesday 28th February 2015 Surgery Date

All smiles before surgery

My Colorectal surgery happened just before 9am and I came round from surgery just after 2pm. I felt a little out of it and in pain but was happy to be alive and also happy I didn't have a stoma bag. I had to wait in recovery for a while before being taken to the ward. Hubby was waiting for me and smiling as usual. How I love that man! He told me that the surgeon told him the surgery went very well, which was a result.

Me & My PCA machine - Still smiling

I was hooked up to a drip and was given oxygen, then one of the nurses connected me to a PCA morphine pump (pain relief) which delivers medication at a press of a button, the button lights up green when it's ready - it's also set on a timer so you don't over dose yourself. Every time I dispensed the morphine my skin would feel very itchy, and of course I was high as a kite. 

That evening they gave me a couple of nutritional drinks called Fortysips to help build me up which tasted disgusting. It wasn't long before it was dinner time, I could smell the food coming, it was off putting and the look & taste wasn't any better, but I ate it as I was hungry. Visiting hours finished at 7.30pm so hubby and I said our goodbyes, I was so sad to see him go. Soon after I was given an injection to stop my blood from clotting and then the day staff did a handover to the night staff. 

Even though I was extremely tired and drugged up to the eye balls, sleeping that night was non-existent, I couldn't move around in the bed properly because my tummy was so sore and painful and the bed was uncomfortable, there was also lady opposite me who was making a lot of noise, I tell you I really wanted to hurt her... lol. All I wanted to do was sleep, but it was just impossible... lights would be flicked on & off, curtains would be drawn, patients moaning, nurses doing their observations, it was a complete nightmare and to top it off my dinner decided it didn't want to stay down at 3am so I was violently ill, thank god the nurses were caring and quick to respond after I pressed my buzzer for a sick bowl.

Morning seem to come round very quickly, felt like I had been slapped in the face, the night staff handed over to the day staff and my surgeon came to see how I was doing and to check my stomach. It felt bloated and distended, which is to be expected a day after surgery, I was prescribed another pain killer called Tramadol, told to eat something light due to my vomiting but to be honest i really didn't want to eat as the smell of food was making me nauseous but I attempted a few spoonfuls of cornflakes.YUK! Cant remember the last time I ate cornflakes.

A physiotherapist also came to see me that morning, to get me up out of bed and walking. Things you take for granted aye, I felt like a child learning to walk it was so difficult and painful, but I managed to walk down the length of the ward and back which wasn't very far but felt like I'd walked 5k, I was so tired afterwards. I was encouraged to walk around the ward to build my strength on a daily basis.

Day 3 - I managed to get myself up and down to the shower room, it took me forever to shower and dress myself. It literally took the wind out of me and I had to go back to bed to rest. I'm not gonna go into every detail of my stay in hospital but I will say that during my time there I just couldn't keep food down, after a couple of days of vomiting I was giving some anti-acid tablets which they should have given me as soon as I came out of surgery to settle my stomach. 

It was then decided on day 3 to take me off the Morphine and the Tramadol pain killers as they were not agreeing with me and causing the sickness, so the only medication I was allowed was anti-sickness tablets and paracetamol. I was nil by mouth for a while too, then suffered terrible heartburn so was given Gaviscon which also made me sick. So during my 10 days of being in hospital I only managed to keep food down the day before and the day of me being discharged, so I had lost a bit of weight.

RECOVERY (At home)

Recovery has been really good, although getting around was hard and sleeping sometimes was impossible and the discomfort / pain unbearable at times, I was just so happy to be at home, eating my own food and having cuddles with hubby. We tried to get out as much as possible for walks but I couldn't walk to far or stay out to long as tiredness would just hit me, it was quite frustrating being a very active person, but as the days / weeks went by I was getting stronger and less tired. My scars are healing nicely now, and toilet habits returning to normal. I had to go back to hospital 2 weeks after surgery for a follow-up to see how I was getting on and to discuss results from the surgery. They were happy with my progress, but can you believe they told me I had Stage 3 Cancer.. WTF! 

How is that possible - absolute MADDNESS! Hubby and I were in total shock. But hey we are so grateful the turmor no longer lives in my body, that shit had to go! plus it wasn't paying any rent, so yeah it got evicted. Lol

Can you imagine if I just carried on thinking I had IBS and living with the pain... well it just doesn't bare thinking about. Hubby and I are grateful daily that is gone and on the road to recovery, now I await Chemo. It feels absolutely amazing to me pain free, I feel like I have been given a new lease of life.

My appointment to see the Oncologist is on 18th March 2015.. Eeek! It's a bit scary I'm not going to lie, but I guest the worse of it is over. I will get through this treatment and will keep smiling, because I believe I have a lot to smile about, it could of been a lot worse. 

I've had some amazing support my friends, people I've never met, work colleagues but most of all my family - Love you so much, thanks for all your messages and positive vibes.

Don't let the stress of Life break you guys, keep fighting no matter what life throws at you.

I'll be sure to share my chemo story with you guys too. You can follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date on Facebook & Twitter

Big Love.

Bei :-)

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