Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nothing But Vegetable Snacks - Product Review

If your like me and love snacking away to pass the time, bad I know but if it's healthy and good for you, then it ok right? Lol

I had the pleasure of sampling this wonderful freeze dried vegetable snack from a new brand called "Nothing But" and when they stay "nothing but" they mean just that. 100% natural snacks with no additives, no added -fat, sugar, salt, colours, preservatives & never fried. All they do is cut them up, take out the water and lock in the goodness by sealing them into bags Simple! 

They come in these colourful well designed bags and a good way to get 1 of your five a day.

Mange Tout & Red Pepper Snack 26 calories per bag

Freeze dried Mange Tout & Red Pepper  

Mange tout crispy, with a slight bitter taste I did kind of of think oh no this is not for me, but it grew on me. Red pepper - crispy with a sweet undertone it was definitely something I could get use to eating

So what are the benefits of freeze drying food. I did a little research and here's what was send 
"Like all life, bacteria need water to survive. Freeze-drying removes the most water of any preservation method. Up to 98% of water is removed during the process, which is called lyophilization"
So freeze drying preserves the food giving it a longer shelf life. How clever is that.

Beetroot & Parsnip 36 calories per bag

Freeze dried Beetroot & Parsnips

Delicious absolutely love this snack finished too quickly I'm a big fan of beetroots & parsnips anyway. Both crispy and sweet wasn't much parsnip but that was OK. Seriously need get my hands on more of these.

Pea & Sweetcorn 76 calories per bag

Freeze dried Pea & Sweetcorn

Sweet bites of heaven, crisp and flavourful, would compliment a cup of miso soup, I was going to add it to my soup but I scoffed the lot. Oops! 

They also do fruit combos too.

Apple & Fig

Strawberry & Banana
Pineapple & Grape

All gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians & vegans
Bet they taste great too.

Thanks Nothing But for this wonderful freeze dried experience you get the 
thumbs up from me.

To learn more about Nothing But you can visit them on the website or connect with them on social media. Facebook, Twitter

Disclosure: I was sent Nothing But vegetable snack for the purpose of a review, all opinions and views are entirely my own.


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