Thursday, 11 June 2015

Chemotherapy Tales - Cycles 2, 3 & 4 Update

Chemotherapy Update:

17th April Cycle 2

The most painful experience ever, what I should of done was use my other arm and give the arm I used for the 1st cycle a break, so my veins were in excruciating pain, and I could barely lift my hand up. I could of cried, in fact I did have tears in my eyes, but felt embarrassed and told myself to fix up. Symptoms pretty much the same as last time, numbness, pins and needles, stiffness and pain when touching cold surfaces & cold water, a strange sensation in my throat when drinking cold drinks. 

These symptoms lasted upto 2 weeks. I've also noticed some changes in the palms of my hands, the soles of my feet and my face, they have become a lot darker due to the tablets. My natural pigment will return to normal once I finish my treatments which is good to know.

8th May 2015 Cycle 3

Treatment went well, a little painful which was to be expected. Used the other arm this time. Still experienced numbness & pins and needles. My mum was with me this time round, she had me in stitches, was wonderful having her there. I experienced a new side affect from the drugs when I got home. My calf muscles seized up so walking upstairs and around the house was fun and games. It didn't last too long a couple of days if that. 

29th May Cycle 4 

Another slightly painful session. The nurse told me that I need to rest up as my white blood count is below normal and I'm not be around too many people in case I caught an infection. After much deliberation agreed with my family and the nurse that I would take time of work to rest up. It was just what the body needed as I was beginning to fall asleep at my desk. Being at home meant I could sleep whenever I felt the need to, which was good.

Cycle 4 is scheduled for the 23rd June as I'm off to Paris for a Hen Do weekend on the 19th June. They were really good about moving it. I so can't wait to let my hair down and enjoy myself.

Until next time.

Big Love Peeps. xx

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