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Look after your feet - Scholl Footcare Products || Product Review

Have Healthy Happy Feet


Scholl has over 100 years of experience in improving the health, comfort and wellbeing of people by caring for their feet.

I was fortunate to be sent some Scholl foot care products to review. Now I’m not one for looking after my feet and think my feet are the ugliest part of my body. LOL I just hate feet in general but realise they have an important part to play.

I can truly say since being diagnosed with colorectal cancer and being on Chemo, my regime for looking after my feet has changing dramatically, as the drugs make the soles of my feet very dry and it even peels so was very happy to test this cream out.

Scholl Dry Skin - Instant Recovery Cream

I read the ingredients and aqua was the first on the list which is always good sign, you know by that it will be hydrating and that was just what it did hydrated and moisturised instantly, I would clean my feet and apply before going to bed and again in the morning, I noticed as the days went by my skin was becoming a lot softer. I is non greasy and absorbs easily, but did make the soles of my feet slippery when wearing sandals, loved the product tho. I would recommend removing any dead skin to really reap the benefits.

Score 4/5

Scholl Party Feet – Ultra Slim invisible Cushions

These cushioned gel pads worked wonders for about 7 hours. I really put them to the test at my friends wedding as I was bridesmaids and was on my feet running around etc I even managed to dance a little in them in the evening before putting on some flats so I could really dance comfortably for the rest of the night. Without these gel pads I know for certain the balls of my feet would of be burning and feel very painful, I would never have managed 7hrs without them in heels. Party feet are discreet, re-usable, non-slip and washable.

Score 4/5

Scholl Fresh Step - Shoe Fresh

I don’t really suffer with smelly feet, shoes or trainers, but this product smelled lovely and made my trainers feel fresh and smell great after running the 10k race for life on 27th June 2015. So to be honest I couldn’t really tell you if this works or not, they do make your feet rather cool after spraying the inside of your shoes. This product if definitely for those who may suffer with hot sweaty/smelly feet with it 24hr protection for odour elimination. So I got my hubby to test it out for a few days. Now hubby's feet can smell quite rancid (oops did I say that out loud) at times so he was a perfect candidate for this product. He tested out why doing a night shift so he had his trainers on for 12hrs and he was majorly surprised when he took off his trainers and so was I. 

Score 5/5 

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of a review. This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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  1. Your article about the product I really want to try. I am having problems with my smelly men's nursing shoes
    .I think this product is the product I need. Thanks for sharing.


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