Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Check4Cancer with GynaeCheck || Cervical Cancer Screening

A few weeks ago I attended an cervical cancer awareness event. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under the age of 35 and approximately 3,100 women are diagnosed in the UK every year.

It is quite scary that a lot of women are not following up with their appointments, only 66% of younger women and 80% of older woman attend screening. Why is this? 

  • Embarrassed
  • Painful
  • Due blood
  • Scared of the results
Whatever the reason, if your diagnosed in the early stages, up to 90% of women under 40 will survive which is a very high percentage. So ladies please don't be afraid to have your smear tests it can save your life. 

I can recall my first letter coming through he post, I was petrified I put it off for the whole year and when I did eventually go to have it done it was the worse experience, the person doing the test was an elderly man and I felt like i was being violated, plus I didn't want anyone looking at my lady garden.

I have had a couple of abnormal results back during my time but they then returned back to normal which was very comforting. 

What is Gynaecheck?

Gynaecheck is an early detection programme for pre cancer and cancer of the cervix a self-screening device which test for HPV - now i only became aware of the term HPV during this event and if your wondering what is stands for.... it stands for Human Papilloma Virus and it is the virus that leads to 99.7% of cervical cancer. Anyone who is sexual active can be infected with HPV. 

Did you know that males can also carry the HPV too? It's general centered around woman since having the virus increases the risk of cervical cancer. The best time to test for HPV is one week or more after last menstruation. This is when the most accurate HPV concentration is found.

Why have a HPV Test?

It's important because it identifies woman with a high risk type of HPV. If a woman contracts high risk HPV this becomes a persistent infection then she has a higher possibility of developing abnormal cells and thus should be monitored more closely to reduce the risk of developing cervical abnormalities and cervical cancer.

Dr Pixie McKenna 

We had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Dr Pixie McKenna (from Embarrassing Bodies) the UK's leading female media medic, with her specific interests lying in sexual health, women's health and health promotion, she discussed the ins and outs of cervical cancer and the stats on the number of woman not up to date with there smear tests, it was a very informative morning.

Gynaecheck launches September 2015 - A revolutionary test to detect cervical cancer that will offer woman a comfortable and private alternative to smear tests, which has been developed by gynecologists in the Netherlands. 

I was sent my own gynaecheck kit to try at home, which I did.... and have returned my sample in the post. Fingers crossed for a negative HPV result.

Have you been putting your screening off? Don't delay ladies, make an appointment with your GP/Nurse today. It can save your life!!


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