Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Chemotherapy Tales - Final Infusion

I watched the last dose of chemotherapy, drip from the IV into my veins on Wednesday 27th August 2015. It was the most amazing feeling that day being told it would be my last. No more painful veins, no more feeling weak and drowsy as they pumped me with toxins. No More, No More!!

Hubby and I smiled the biggest smiles that day. Can't tell you how happy I was to here no more Chemo. I almost didn't believe it and even questioned the nurse, asking her why!! She couldn't tell me, but I will ask my Doctor at my follow up appointment next month (Oct 2015)

So this is what went down on 27th August - My appointment was at 10am but there was a delay and it was looking like it wasn't going to go ahead. As some of you know cycle 7 was delayed by 3 weeks due to me having a low white blood count, any who my white blood count improved and I was scheduled for my  treatment.

I told my nurse that I was suppose to be meeting my oncologist nurse the following day (Thursday 28th August) - now before you have chemo you need to be pre-assessed and check all is well, but because cycle 7 was meant to start on 4th August and I was deferred for 3 weeks, my oncologist appointment had already been pre booked. My chemo nurse didn't want to go ahead without knowing if it was OK as my notes were not up to date, so contacted my Dr to double check, she came back and told me that this will be my last chemo session.

So there you have it no more chemo, I couldn't tell you how strange I felt and the mixed emotions felt, tears where rolling down my cheeks as I messaged various family members and friends to tell them the good news. I have no idea why cycle 8 didn't have to go ahead but I wasn't going to complain.

Today - 9th September 2015 is my official last day of chemo and will be taking my last chemo pills. WooHoo! 

I will remember this day for a very long time. My journey does not end here but the chemo does. I will be having regularly follow-up appointments, scans & checks, I will of coarse be back to update you all on my recovery progress etc.

Big Love to you all for your prays & encouraging words throughout my journey it has been tough but I got through it, by staying positive.


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