Sunday, 20 September 2015

Monkeying Around at Go Ape

I would never in a million years think I'd be swinging from ropes and balancing on beams high in the trees on a Sunday afternoon. What madness...Do you want to kill yourself? How is this fun when your heart it pounding and your stomach feels like its falling out of your bottom... LOL

Well I certainly faced a few fears that day, when I was invited to swing on down by the lovely Joe's Bloggers team to a little tree top adventure at Go Ape located at Trent Country Park, Cockfosters. I jumped at the chance and never really knew what I was getting myself into, I thought only live once and life is about adventure and taking a few risk right? Of course!!

So the day arrived and the weather was lovely, It was scheduled to rain but it didn't... thank the Lord. Arrived at the park, signed our lives away on a waiver form and was taken through the safety briefing on how to use the harness ropes and clips, stay attached at all times was at the forefront of this briefing.

If you can remember what I said earlier about hearts pounding etc, I hadn't even started the course yet and I was panicking and feeling very anxious. After the demo and having our harness secured, we moved along to our first zone with the instructor, it looked pretty safe and not too far off the ground. Our instructor demonstrated and we followed behind. "I can do problem" I said to myself. After finishing the first zone we were set loose to venture the course on our own.

Practice Zone

Tarzan swings, walking on suspended logs, and climbing higher & higher up into the trees was the most exhilarating yet petrifying experience I have ever encountered, your brain is constantly telling you your going to fall to your death... I can say the views were spectacular. My favorite was the zip wires...loved it!

As you move along to the different zones you bump into passers by who are walking their dogs as it is a public park which you do forget, but the zones are gated off and you can only enter with a security access code. The further into the course you go the more difficult it gets, you could hear the screams of your fellow tribes, the encouragement and the cheers of achievement. 

Once you start climbing the ladder up into those trees and you reach your obstacle there is NO turning back or easy routes, so if you are scared of heights maybe this isn't for you, but you know what.... this could be the perfect thing for you to conquer those fears and think about how proud you will feel afterwards.

Once we finished, we celebrated over a bite to eat and received a signed certificate from the Chief Gorilla.

and played a game of Kong online. 

I had he most amazing time and would like to thank BGO & Joe's Bloggers for organising such an incredible event and for the invite. BGO blogged about the event too and you can read about it here

I will definitely be going again and have already organised a group of friends to come along next month (October). AHH AAAAAAHH AHHH!! 

If your up for a physical and mentally challenging experience then this is one to try. A big thumbs up from me and my little monkey. (He is not really mine.. lol)


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