Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Target 100,000 Cervical Screening Campaign || GynaeHealth UK

Are you a woman who struggles to keep to her smear test appointments? Do you know that you can now test for HPV in the privacy of your own home?

The Target 100,000 campaign is hoping that this new at home self sampler will help thousands of woman like you who are not up to date with their smear test to re-engage in cervical screening. Many woman are missing out on these screenings due to anxiety and this can be alleviated if they could collect their own samples.

I tested out the product myself and it it very easy to use and only take a few seconds, it is delivered via post in a discreet package and inside you find the following:

Using the vaginal lavage technique, the device collects a fluid sample from your cervix which you place into a tube and send off to a laboratory to be tested for the high risk strain of HPV known to lead to cervical cancer, test results are expected with 10 days.

"Population studies have shown that when a self-sampling alternative is offered 10% more woman will test overall"

The target 100,000 campaign is about saying to the 1 million woman who don't have smear test: There is another option!

GynaeHealthUK - How to do the test

Check out these videos about  HPV and Gynaecheck.

An Introduction by Dr Pixie McKenna

What happens at a smear teas?

What is HPV?

What is GynaeCheck?

What do the results mean?

To launch Target100,000 - During Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month (September) Gynaecheck is being offered at a reduced rate of £99 and £119 for the Gynaecheck+. Visit www.Target100000.org.uk for more information 

Please share this post with your loved ones, lets spread awareness, early detection of the HPV can save lives.

Use these hashtags let spread the word. #GynaeCheckYourself #Target1000000 

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