Thursday, 15 October 2015

Seven Seas Perfect7 || Anti-Ageing Blogger Challenge

Have you reached that age in your life where your considering buying anti-ageing products such as creams, serums and using supplements. I think I stated buying such things when I turned 30, as I read somewhere that was the recommended age to start, but I never used them long enough to find out if they actually worked.

I'm now 40 and my skin care regime is very simple I use Coconut Oil on its own or mixed with Mango Butter & sometimes Shea Butter on my skin as well as my hair, I've used other products on my skin before but I always come back to using these 3 as my skin loves it. I have no visually signs of ageing at present, and often complimented on how young I look for my age.

A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in a Anti-Ageing 7 week challenge along with 6 other bloggers to use Seven Seas Prefect7, cut out a lifestyle habit and to document our journey.

Through a study on visual ageing, which examined the lifestyle habits of 100 men and women, found 7 healthy habits in younger looking people.

  1. They drank more than 2 litres of water a day.
  2. They didn't smoke.
  3. They ate a lot of oily fish (2 or more potions a week)
  4. They drank less alcohol.
  5. They ate less refined sugar.
  6. They ate high levels of fruits and vegetables.
  7. They had a positive attitude.

I will be taking up the challenge to cut out alcohol for 7 weeks plus take the Seven Seas Perfect7 Supplement (Women).

Not only is this supplement aimed at skin health, it's also scientifically proven to support:

  • Hair 
  • Nairs
  • Energy Levels
  • Brain Function
  • Your Vision
  • Heart Health
  • Hormonal Activity

Perfect7 is a blend of Natural Source Marine Oil with Omega3 plus essential multivitamins and minerals. The special formula claims to provide effective absorption of nutrients into your body's cells to support you from the inside as you get older.

What am I hoping to get out of this challenge?

Clearer skin - I get spots around my time of the month and then that will leave scars, so hoping it will calm that down some how.

More energy - quite often I lack energy, even after 7 - 8 hours of sleep and could really do with a boost. 

I will start my challenge week commencing 1st November taking 2 capsules a day, I will take a before & after pictures of my skin and will also log any other changes to hair etc and of course how I feel physical. After the 7 weeks I shall be back with an update. So stay tuned. :)

Is there anything you do to keep yourself  looking young and healthy?

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