Monday, 14 December 2015

Look Better Naked with NW Method || Gymbox

NW Method was invented by celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer, it has shaped some of the best bodies in the entertainment industry including Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz to name a few, and aimed at working every muscle - it's challenging, fun and will shock your body. I certainty found that out when I attended a 45 minute class at Gym Box - Westfield Stratford on a very cold & windy Saturday morning.

The instructor was very charismatic and full of energy, we started off with a upper body workout to warm us up using weighted plates, pumping our muscles to the up beat tunes - each workout done for 30 reps. These exercises were geared at toning and strengthening the body and done to the rhythm of the music.

Next in line for a grueling was legs, glutes, inner & outer thighs and more upper body, I have never worked my buns in such away before, that incorporated two to three moves working your core and obliques all at the same time, the variations of each routine was sick. (I mean this in a good way)

Now I haven't done handstands in years and this particular exercise I found quite difficult to execute, it really took some getting use to, it was all about balance and core strength, which also included more legs and glute work. 

We ended the class with a little dance workout which was a fun touch, don't know what happens to me when it comes to following a dancing routine, I act like I have two left feet..Lol

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the NW Method session, my muscles were on fire with each exercise, I'm not going to to lie it had me wanting to just give up, but you just have to wipe the sweat from your brow and push on through the pain. I left the venue smiling and feeling great, pumped up on endorphins. 

I seriously recommend trying out this class, you will be challenged and have a whole body workout - Gymbox have a number of great classes to choose from too. Do check them out. 

Disclosure: I attended for the purpose of a review .This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.


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