Friday, 15 January 2016

The Green Woman creators of Fit Pit team up with Breast Cancer UK

Having being a cancer survivor (colon cancer) and someone who is health conscious, I believe it to be important to be aware of the products we put in and on our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs whatever you put on it. Some of the products we use contain harmful ingredients such as harsh toxic chemicals, colours, and fragrances which make their way into your body, your blood and lymphatic system.

The Green Woman Founders - Eve Carnall & Suzanne Loudwill

The Green Woman have team up with Breast Cancer UK during 2016 to raise awareness of the risks associated with harmful chemicals found in everyday cosmetic products.

"According to one survey, we could be exposing ourselves to over 125 chemicals everyday from products we use, from food and drinks packaging to household cleaners, shower gels and cosmetics like body creams and deodorant. Some of these chemicals are known to be a carcinogenic and /or to disrupt our hormones. Exposure to even low levels of certain hormone disrupting chemical may increase out risk of developing breast cancer" Louise Bowers, Communications Manager Breast Cancer UK.

The Green Woman are the founders & creators of Fit Pit a ethical handmade deodorant range, it's completely natural, 100% organic, vegan and free from harmful chemicals or plastic. Fit Pit works by subtly changing your skins pH, which stops smell-causing bacteria from thriving. Meaning you can sweat making it even better for you, but there is just no smell. Its applied as a cream using your fingers, doesn't leave any white marks on your clothes and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. Fit Pit is available in woman, men and sensitive versions. 

Breast Cancer UK and The Green Woman are urging people to take a moment to consider what is going on their body as well as in it - read the ingredients on the back of their favorite toiletries, know what to avoid and either cut back on them or cut them out and find a natural alternative, preferably for good.

By selecting organic and natural products you are taking a big step forward to a healthy lifestyle -Prevention is better than cure.

During January 10% from every sale of Fit Pit woman on is being donated to Breast Cancer UK.

"For those of us born after 1960 our lifetime risk of getting cancer is now 50%, with breast cancer being the most common form in women. 75% of breast cancers are thought to be attributable to environmental and lifestyle choices and yet awareness of many risk factors is still low" Suzanne Loudwill, Co-founder The Green Women

Key Facts on Breast Cancer

  • 1 in 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK - 31% of cancers diagnosed in woman are breast cancer
  • 1 in 5 cases of breast cancer are in woman under 50.
  • Breast cancer rates in England have increased by 90% since records began in 1971.

For more information on Fit Pit and The Green Woman visit their website:
Facebook: TheGreenWoman
Twitter: @TheGreenWomanUK

For more information on how to reduce your risk of chemical exposure, or how harmful chemicals are linked to breast cancer please visit their website:
Facebook : breastcanceruk
Twitter: @BreastCancer_UK


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