Sunday, 28 August 2016

Exerceo Training - Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) || Review

Wednesday 17th August 2016, was the day I experienced the most intense workout of my life. I invited my friend Hanh to come along with me to attend an Exerceo Training trial session at their Liverpool Street branch.

What is Exerceo Training? - Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) it uses low impact impulse frequency. The training is a 25min workout that trains your body using state of the art technology, which enhances the impact of the exercises you are doing and in turn allows you to rep the benefits much quicker than your conventional 90min workout.

EMS Equipment

Our personal trainer Warren provided us with a pair of leggings and a t-shirt to change into, once changed we were suited up into our fitted cotton suits which is used in conjunction with the equipment, the suit is sprayed with water before hand, and two wires are connected to allow the impulse frequency to penetrate your muscles - arms, legs, bottom and torso. (wireless provided at the Moorgate branch)

Now the magic beings....well I kid you not, I screamed...not because it hurt, more because it made me jump. It's hard to explain the feeling as your muscles are being induced by electrical stimulation - I guess a bit like a muscle spasm on speed.

We started off with squats to warm up the muscles and to get use to the EMS. Warren adjusted the intensity on the machine to the different muscle groups allowing you the option to either increase or decease the intensity.

We performed a number of different exercises from planks, press-ups to leg raises, it was by no means easy especially when your muscles are being stimulated. On a positive note your not consistently being zapped with current throughout your session, you do get a 10 sec break in between each exercise before it starts up again. We ended the session with a massage by the machine - I was so pleased to have finished.

I really appreciated Warrens drive an encouragement throughout.  EMS does take some getting use to, but I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to take fitness to a whole new level and achieve there ultimate fitness goal to give it a go.

That evening my body felt restless and my glutes were on fire, couldn't believe I was in pain so soon, but by the morning I felt fine which was weird.. but I knew I was in a false sense of security. DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) would set in within 48hrs and lo and behold it glutes screamed every time I sat down, walking up 5 flights of stairs at work was a struggle too, my quads and triceps were also screaming blue murder. At least I knew I had a bloody good workout.

Exerceo sessions can be conducted on a one-to-one basis, paired / classed based or train with a friend. Prices can be found here. There also offer a trial session at a price of £10.

What you can expect from EMS

  • 500 calories burned per session
  • Strength improvement 3x faster
  • Visible results within 4-5 sessions

Studio Locations

Liverpool Street, Parsons Green, Moorgate & Goodge Street.

To keep up to date with news you can visit there social media platforms.

EMS is FDA approved and complies with the EU directive for medical devices.


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