Friday, 9 September 2016

Chemotherapy Tales: Happy 1yr Chemoversary

Today marks my 1yr Anniversary Chemoversary. Yeah! :-)

I can remember counting down the days from my last infusion to when my final tablets would be popped. It was a happy occasion for both my husband and I. No more painful chemo drugs, feeling fatigued, nauseous etc. Woohoo!

When you have gone through something like Cancer it does change things, well it did for made me re-evaluate my life and not take it for granted. 

It also made me want to take hold of it make it better and up the ante to live a much cleaner healthier lifestyle and if that meant cutting out certain things that could help stop it from recurring then I was going to do that, no matter what comments and snigger's I would get from people, so  I took some drastic measures by changing the way I ate cutting out all animal products - no meat, fish, dairy or eggs.

The year has been a positive one, and it's all about having a positive mind-set and being around strong positive people I have grown from strength to strength and slowly gaining control of my health.

I still have to attend various appointments but I can live with that, it's good that they are keeping an eye on things, at my last colonoscopy a small hyperplastic polyp was removed by a cold biopsy, and the overall result was satisfactory. (Thank You God!) 


As a result of surgery my abdominal muscles became very weak as the surgeon had to cut through layers of abdominal muscle tissue and that causes muscle atrophy (decrease in mass of the muscle & weakness) and scar tissue forms, so I've been focusing on strengthening my core muscles which proved difficult 8 months' post-surgery, but now I have noticed a big improvement and I am very pleased with my progress. 

Even though it's a year since surgery & chemotherapy, side effects still linger, but I'm coping with it and it's certainly no way as bad as it was before, I can live with stiff joints in my fingers, pain and gurgling sounds from my stomach and sensitivity to my feet from time to time. 

Every day I wake up thankful to see another day, hubby and I have grown even more closer from this experience (jeez... typing that brought tears to my eyes) he is has been an absolute rock, I couldn't have managed without him. Big Love to you baby!!! 

What's next... another blood test, a follow-up appointment with my specialist nurse this month (Sept 2016) and an oncologist appointment next year (March 2017). Onwards and upwards. 

Here's to life, health and happiness.

It's a Celebration


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