Saturday, 1 October 2016

Courgette, Asparagus & Broccoli Coconut Soup with Black Garlic Chickpea Dumplings

Black Garlic Chickpea Dumplings

11/2 cups chickpea flour
1tsp baking power
3/4tsp himalayan pink salt
1/4 cup dairy free milk
1 psyllium husk egg
1tbsp grapeseed oil or olive oil
1 cup onions - chopped small
1tsp herbes de provence
8 balsajo black garlic - chopped small

To make dumplings whisk flour, baking power, herbs, and salt together in a medium bowl. Add psyllium husk egg or egg, milk, oil, onions and black garlic, mix together vigorously until blended and dough like.

Roll 6 - 8 dumplings depending on how big or small you want them.

Note: To make psyllium egg mix 2tsp of whole psyllium husk with 3tbsp filtered water and 11/2tsp grapeseed oil and let stand for 5mins to thicken. You can replace non dairy milk for dairy milk and the psyllium egg for 1 egg.

Courgette Asparagus & Broccoli Coconut Soup

2 courgettes
125g asparagus
350g broccoli
2tbsp olive oil
1 onion chopped - about 1 cup
4 cups veg stock
1 can coconut milk
1/4 cup chickpea flour
3 cloves garlic chopped
1inch ginger chopped small
1/2tsp cayenne pepper
1/2tsp turmeric
1/2tsp black pepper
1/2tsp herbes de provence

Heat oil in large pot over medium heat. Add onions an cook until soften. Add garlic, ginger, chickpea flour, herbes de provence, turmeric, cayenne pepper and black pepper; cook stirring for 1 minute.

Wash and chop veggies small. Add stock and veggies to pan. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer cooking veggies until al dente, about 10mins.

Remove veggies from pan an place in a blender with some of the stock, blend until smooth and return to pan on low heat.

Add can of coconut milk, stir and drop your dumpling dough balls into the simmering soup. Cover pot and cook for 15 minutes. Use a toothpick to check dumplings are cooked through, toothpick should be clean when removed.

When cooked serve your soup and dumplings in a bowl and garnish with your chosen topping.


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