Monday, 12 December 2016

Beating the Winter Blues - Winter Series || Digestion & Gut Health

Beat the Winter Blues

On this weeks instalment of my winter blues series we look into digestion & gut health.

Having a imbalance of intestinal flora can impact on your gut health, it can influence your mind and mood. Your gut produces more mood regulating serotonin than your brain, not only is your mind & mood influenced its also harms the health of your digestion which can be brought on by stress, diets high in processed foods, antibiotic etc. It's important to boost your gastrointestinal immune cells as its the home of numerous species of microflora, which help prevent the overgrowth of harmful microbes such as yeast, bacteria and parasites.

Taking a probiotic helps to balance the flora in your gut as well as aid poor digestion, maintaining a strong immune system and contributing to your overall health, it is important to ensure that the levels of these good bacteria in your body are at their optimum.

Supporting your diet with probiotic rich products can help, you can do this through consuming cultured dairy products such as good quality yoghurt and kefir you can also get vegan alternatives too or you can choose a supplement.

I had the pleasure in trying one of the Udo's Choice Mircobiotics - Super 8 Microbiotics,  just one tablet provides 42 billion bacteria cells - that's 3 times more than that found in a typical macrobiotic yoghurt drinks. The specific stains used in Super 8 have been specially chosen for the value to bowel health which include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Streptococcus thermophilus. I took one tablet after my main meal and noticed a significant change in my digestion, I often feel bloated after eating or drinking and it did ease the pressure a little, I have terrible issues with my stomach and feel that not only using this but a digestive enzyme too would put me in good stead. It's only been a couple of few weeks since using it and can certainly recommend it. 

So supercharge your body during the cold months from BACTERIA! Ward off common colds and super bugs.

Next week on the Winter Blues Series - we will be looking into the The common winter vomiting bug... Norovirus! What are the symptoms and what to do if you have it.

If you missed last week instalment Supporting your Immune System with Echinacea you can read it here.

Stay Blessed and Healthy

Disclosure: I was sent the Udo's Choice Super 8 Microbiotics to try in exchange for a post/feature in my Beating the Winter Blues - Winter Series.


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