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How to relieve the symptoms of the Norovirus || the Winter Blues - Winter Series ||

Beat the Winter Blues

This weeks winter blues topic is the dreaded tummy bug known as the Norovirus.. A number of my colleagues at work have been hit with it and they say it wasn't pretty and they felt terrible, layed up in bed for a whole day only getting up to go to the toilet. Nice!

So what are the symptoms.

Suddenly feeling sick
Projectile vomiting
Watery diarrhoea
You may also have fever, headaches, stomach pain and achy limbs.

The symptoms appear one or two days after you become infected and typically last for up to two or three days.

So you have caught the dread winter stomach bug (Norovirus). How can you relieve your symptoms?

It's very important to stay hydrated, because you are probably losing fluids at both ends! Vomiting and diarrhoea quickly dehydrate you. Keep drinking water, however little you feel like it. Have it warm if it appeals to you more that way. Some people find it easier to drink through a straw, bizarre though it may sound.

Whilst you are obviously going to need to take plenty of care of yourself, it's worth sparing a thought for those around you, who will relish having it as little as you do. They can catch it from food or cutlery or surfaces that you have touched, so it's best to reduce social contact for a while. Alcohol wipes and gels wont work to stop you spreading it - you have to be rigorous about hand washing with soap and water, and cleaning all communal surfaces well. If you can access a loo that others don't have to use then so much the better.

Antibiotics can't counter this bug - it's caused by a virus and just needs to run it course. Be careful if you are talking conventional painkillers because it's easy to overdo it, especially if you regularly use painkillers/anti-inflammatory medication. Make sure you know what is in preparations and how much to take over 24 hour period. Fortunately, herbs are less tricky and are easy to use to minimise the symptoms. Take Echinacea several times daily for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity, which will reduce the severity of the symptoms. You're unlikely to benefit from pills or capsules whilst you're throwing everything up so use a tincture (drops) instead, as these absorb without having to be digested.

You may find that sipping a soothing preparation of ginger root boiled in water to make a ginger tea (cooled) will settle your stomach a little, ginger is a incredibly soothing for nausea and anti-inflammatory. This is helpful after the bug has left too, as your stomach might feel quite delicate and queasy for while.

You're unlikely to feel hungry whilst the symptoms are at their height, but wobbly blood sugar that this causes can make you feel distinctly odd. Put a spot of pure fruit juice concentrate or fruit cordial in some of your drinks, and ease your stomach back into action with slow sips of miso soup, which is both balancing and energising. Nettle tea with a tiny nip of honey or agave syrup can also help settle blood sugar levels, without being too demanding on your body.

Once you feel like eating again, go for well cooked, brown rice, which is very soothing for the gut, and flavour it with some delicious and natural plantbased stock like plantaforce. Thick vegetable soup will also go down easily and not challenge your digestive system.

Raising your temperature is part of the body's way of defeating the virus, so let yourself sweat it out. Occasionally opening a window to allow some fresh air into your room is fine, but don't put yourself in a draught, no matter how toasty you are feeling.

After recovery you may find taking a probiotic would be quite beneficial, good bacteria in your GI tract will prevent infections from occurring in your vulnerable state and strengthen your immune system after the violation.

Hope you have found this information helpful.

Stay blessed & healthy


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