Wednesday, 8 March 2017

MacMillan Cancer Support Bootcamp at Lomax Chelsea || Strength Training for Runners

Are you Training for the London Marathon?

Laura Rutledge & Team from Macmillian Cancer Support hosted an exclusive boot camp on Sunday 26th February 2017 for marathon runners & fitness bloggers at Lomax Gym in Chelsea with celebrity personal trainer and professional dancer Theodora Valente. This 45 minute HIIT style boot camp is designed to enhance power, speed and endurance to complement your running and help prevent common injuries.

What exercises are good for runners?

It is recommend not only to run to build stamina and momentum but to incorporate some strength training into your schedule, pounding the streets can be taxing on your joints so exercises like - squats and lunges are beneficial to build up your glutes and leg muscles including some core exercises like planks. You can also add some weights into the equation. 

These sorts of exercises help to keep you balanced (prevent injury), improve your pace and increase your speed.

What should you eat before the big race?

You will need a lot of energy to get you through your 13.1miles or 26.2miles, so eating high carbs foods (carb-loading) 1 week - 2 days before your race is highly recommend, this will allow your muscles to store glycogen(a form of glucose) which will provide you with readily available source of energy to help your performance. So foods like pasta, potatoes, cereal, bread, fruit etc are advisable.

Bootcamp with Theodora

The group were split up, some at fitness pods and others near benches were we would alternate throughout the session.  Theodora led us through a warm-up to get our heart rate up by then I was already ready to take a sit and give up. After warming up we each performed a number of exercises for 45 secs with a 15 sec rest before moving on to the next exercise - each exercise was performed for 3 rounds.

Barbell Squats

Dumbbell Step Ups

TRX Pullups

Bench Pushups
Dumbbell Russian Twists & Kettle Bell Swings

I was in serious distress whilst doing these DB Russian Twist ..Lol. I'm terrible when it comes to working on my abs, this is an area I really need to up my game in.

Reverse Lunges

Dumbbell Courtesy Lunges
Dumbbell Bicep Curls with Overhead Press

Kettle Bell Clean & Press

Burpees & Planks Shoulder Taps
After a very sweaty painful session I can truly say I was happy to finish, it was by no means easy, but it was rather enjoyable in a strange way. Theodora was very encouraging and it was great to see my fellow strong woman doing their thang. 

We ended the session with a much needed stretch and retired in the gym cafe for a yummy protein shake and a Q&A session led by Theodora so we could ask her for any advise we may have had. 

I would like to thank Laura for the invite and for the great pictures captured and Theodora for an awesome session. It was also lovely and pleasure to finally meet Timea from Train Strong, Live Strong who I follow on social media.

The Strong Team

The next day DOMS took over my entire body. No Pain No Gain right... Hmmm

Macmillan are doing fabulous works supporting and raising much needed funds for people living with cancer - No one should face cancer alone. 

Stay blessed & healthy


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