Friday, 7 April 2017

I am OutRUN-ning MAY for Macmillan Cancer Support


I was approached by Macmillan Cancer Support to take part in OutRun May next month. This involves setting yourself a target of miles to run across the 31 days of May and get sponsored to reach your goals, one run at a time.

I am not a great fan of running and after much deliberation and getting the nudge from a colleague to do it, I decided why not it's for a good cause, so now I will be running a total of 30 miles (I hope to run more than 30 but we will see) which means 1 mile everyday across 31 days. Eeek! It doesn't sound so bad when you break it down.

That will definitely be a challenge for me to commit to, but I know with the support from friends and family I can & I am determined to do it, no turning back now... I am not a defeatist.
Having had Colon Cancer, I can certainty relate to the struggles and how if can affect you and your family, as well as work etc.

My target is to raise £204 which pays for one Macmillan nurse for a day, If I can raise more then that's a bonus. No one should have to face cancer alone and the support these guys give is next to none.

THANK YOU to those that have sponsored me so far... If you would LIKE to sponsor me, here is my JustGiving Page.

You can also follow my progress on my Facebook page, so give it a like and stay updated.
If you want to get involved yourself, register here

Stay Bless & Healthy



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