Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Why your health regime needs to include more sleep

What is the healthiest way to sleep

We're always told, from an early age, that getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is absolutely essential. When your favourite film is showing on the TV or when you've got a to-do list as long as your arm it can be easy to neglect this advice but here are some of the top reasons why getting a good night's sleep is paramount for physical and mental performance.

You can't have a great night's sleep if you're uncomfortable though so the first thing to do is make sure you've got the right bed, mattress, pillows and sheets for personal sleeping style. Head over to adjustablebeds.co.uk/adjustable-beds/double-adjustable-beds if you're looking for a sleeping solution that is going to improve your quality of sleep and promote the best sleeping positions for you and your body.

Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain

Some might say that the link between reaching your weight loss goals and getting enough sleep is a total myth but ongoing research has proven the methods behind the madness. Science suggest that people trying to drop weight are more likely to lose fat, while those who aren't catching enough Z's are more likely to lose muscle. So if you're looking to lose inches or tone up, you might want to head to bed that little bit earlier from now on - trust me, you metabolism will thank you for it.

It reduces inflammation and blood pressure

One of the most fascinating and beneficial reasons to ensure you're getting enough pillow time is that sleep has the ability to reduce inflammation and blood pressure. Inflammation can lead to sore muscles and joints post workout, heart disease, stoke and diabetes. High blood pressure is also a serious risk when it comes to keeping our bodies in good condition but getting good amounts of sleep each night can also help reduce the volume of inflammatory proteins in our blood stream.

Sleep deprivations lead to low energy levels

Whether you're a professional athlete, a  keen gym bunny or just somebody with a pretty hefty workload, we all need a stockpile of energy to survive. While some people rely on coffee and energy drinks to get them through the day, I always recommend sleep and a healthy balanced diet instead. If you aren't getting a good amount of sleep then you're energy levels will be depleted; your brain and body won't have had a chance to recharge which means you'll feel tired and lethargic all day. Stamina? What is stamina?

It's essential for repairing muscle and dead cells

Sleep, in combination with diet rich in protein and balanced fats and carbohydrates, it's crucial in repairing the muscles you have been using all day long. This is especially important if you are body building or doing weight training of any kind. Our bodies need time to shut down, repair and recharge before they are ready to get up and do it all over again so make sure you're giving your body what it needs to perform.

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