Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Extreme Sports: Indoor Climbing at West 1 Climbing Wall

The Beacon Climbing Wall

Seymour Leisure Centre located in Marylebone, Central London offers an amazing indoor experience providing an exciting, fun adventure in a safe environment. I attended with a friend, we both haven’t done anything like this before so it was certainly going to be an experience.

The Beacon gives you 152 square metres of climbing surface, with different levels of difficulty. I must say I was quite excited and a little scared about the whole thing, not knowing how I was going to get on and if I would even make it to the top. 

Before taking to the wall we were provided with special shoes and a harness, our instructor Tig lead us through some warmup exercises to limber up our fingers. Tig made a figure 8 knot used for tying the climber into the rope which is linked to the harness, and is also attached to the "belayer" (Tig) – A belayer is in control of pulling the rope in as the climber goes up so that the climber is safe and releasing the rope so the climber can come down.

The multicoloured grips/holds are of different shapes and sizes, strategically placed on the wall for your hands and feet, giving you many possible routes to explore and each panel of coloured wall brings a different level of difficultly. The wall also had clips for the more experienced climber without the need for a belayer.

I started at the wall which is considered easy and managed to climb up rather well considering I was nerves, Tig was absolutely brilliant she guided me up instructing me where to place my hands & feet on the holds. Wall climbing requires strength, flexibility and endurance – you use your legs to power you up to reach certain holds, so it is in fact a great workout.

Each hold was either cracked, with holes to place your fingers or textured and some were so small you could barely rest your foot on which makes the climb very challenging. 

Anywho I made it to the top and by that stage was sweating, now it’s time to get back down. So how was I going to get down? It is very much a team effort; Tig took control of the rope by releasing the slack as I sat into my harness placing my feet on the wall and keeping my legs straight out  infront of me and hip length apart holding on to the rope whilst walking down the wall. I was glad to be on the ground. My friend and I climbed three walls with the last wall being the hardest and the highest.

The Bouldering Room – this style of climbing is rope free taken at low height over crash pads so if you do fall you will not seriously hurt yourself. This was much easier and less frightening because you closer to the ground.

Bouldering - My friend Nicole and I

Both myself and my friend really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone to give it try. They run regular clubs and courses for children and adults plus private tuition.

Prices do vary so check out the price list hereThe climbing wall opening times can be found here and you can visit their facebook page and check out the latest news and updates.

Disclosure: I attended for the purpose of a review .This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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