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Gut Loving Goodness - Progurt Probiotics & Progurt Incubator (Yogurt Maker)

Progurt Probiotics

Probiotics are the building blocks for a healthy and strong immune system, the good bacteria can help and treat some illnesses. They help to rebalance the body's natural gut health, and can be taken at times of stress, during or after an illness or during or following a course of antibiotics. They are also beneficial to sufferers of a leaky gut, candida, eczema, and post chemotherapy treatment, as well as a myriad of other health conditions.

If our bodies do not get enough good bacteria our immune system breaks down and it cannot fight off illnesses such as digestive problems. Taking a probiotic can lessen the risk of infections and the common disorders like IBS, bloating and diarrhoea and help your bowels to move better.

Progurt deliver 1 trillion friendly beneficial bacteria per dose to restore optimum gut health and deliver potentially significant health benefits. It is essential to consume a probiotic which contains a healthy dose of bacteria per serving with doctors and nutritionists agreeing that a 4 million plus per serving is the absolute minimum level required to reap any associated health benefits.
Progurt Probiotics

So what makes Progurt probiotics different from other probiotics, it is human derived isolates, identical to those found in a healthy human gut from birth and more suited to the digestive system than the commonly used plant or animal derived isolates found in many probiotics, making Progurt ideal for vegans and vegetarians. 

However due to the high quality and dosage, Progurt probiotics do not need to be consumed indefinitely. Progurt probiotics are 100% natural and are free from dairy, sugar, lactose, gluten, soy, salt, corn starch, MSG and GMOs. They are refrigeration free and can be taken by all the family including children and pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

How to use: Mix 1 sachet to water or fresh fruit juice or you can make probiotic yogurt.

Progurt Incubator

Progurt Probiotics

The Progurt Incubator allows you to make your own probiotic yogurt and I absolutely loved the idea of making my own, so when I was approached by Water for Health I jumped at the chance at reviewing this product. The incubator is so easy to use and making the progurt is simple too - you just add 1 probiotic sachet  dissolve into UHT full cream milk or a high quality coconut cream, stir, plug it in, switch it on and let the magic happen.

So to make a diary free probiotic yogurt they advise you to use coconut cream as other dairy free milks do not have the same fat content needed.

The container will hold 1 litre of progurt and will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 14 days, however is best eaten within 7 days of its incubation in order to receive maximum benefits.


1 x Progurt probiotic Sachet
2 x 400ml Organic Coconut Cream - High quality
200ml filtered water (to total 1 litre)
1 tbsp Sunflower Lecithin

If using UHT full cream milk use 1 litre, omit the water & sunflower lecithin.
Mix all ingredients minus the probiotic in a jug and pour into the incubator then add the progurt probiotic mix well for 10 seconds, seal tight with lid, incubate for specified time 14-24hrs and refrigerate.

I turned off the incubator after 18hrs and placed it in the fridge for least 8hrs before consuming. The end result was amazing, it was a smooth and a creamy consistency and it tasted great, you can sweeten it if you so desire but it has to be natural sweetener like 100% maple syrup, honey or fruits. It is best consumed first thing in the morning on a empty stomach or half an hour before or after foods. Progurt should not be added to hot foods as this will kill the bacteria.

I found that eating progurt over the course of a week, I was feeling less boated and not in so much pain after eating a meal, I also noticed that I didn't break out in spots like I usually do around the time of my monthly which was a plus and my bowel movements were on point. 

Progurt have a number of other products and their range starts from £33.75 and available from exclusive UK distributor Water for Health at


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