Saturday, 15 July 2017

Introducing GOODMINZ – Plantbased Mince

Fresh mince made from plants

GOODMINZ launched August 2017 next month (August 2017) and available to buy on their online store Reroot Foods

Introducing GOODMINZ Plantbased Mince

Founder Richard Reeves a professional trained chef (Leith's School of Food & Wine ) and certified in plant-based cookery by world-renowned chef and educator Chad Sarno (Rouxbe Culinary School) has created 4 flavours in his GOODMINZ range - Green, Purple, Orange and Brown - each containing fresh vegetables and wholesome ingredients like chickpeas and quinoa. The products are all lightly seasoned so you can add herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, fruits and flowers to make their favourite recipes.

GOODMINZ contains five vegetables and is a source of protein & fibre, it's low in saturated fat and contains no soya. Approved by the Vegetarian Society, GOODMINZ is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone wanting to eat more plants.

GOODMINZ is brilliant for people that:
  • Want to eat more plants as part of a vegan, vegetarian or meat-reducing diet.
  • Are looking for a fresh plant-based alternative to add to their meal repertoire.
  • Love veggie burgers, no-meat balls, veggie sausages and other similar recipe formats.
  • Like versatile ingredients that are easy to cook.
  • Want to eat more healthily.
  • Want a source of protein as the main component of their meals.
  • Don't like the sound of fake/cultured meats and think why 'why not just eat delicious wholesome vegetables and plant-based ingredients.
  • Want to eat something that is good for the planet and for all creatures great and small.


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  1. Your article is interesting. I used to shop at GOODMINZ. I am the one who always researches the shopping market. and like to shop online
    When I search for stores on Google, the top trending products 2019 are always the products I choose.
    Hopefully, there will be more online stores like this for people to shop freely


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