Friday, 29 September 2017

Swim Swimmingly with Swimming Nature

Swimming Nature

I'm not much of a swimmer more a gym bunny, but recently decided I wanted to add swimming to my fitness regime and was looking into taking some swimming lessons to build confidence in the water and to learn some technique.

Swim Swimmingly with Swimming Nature

Funny enough I was contracted by Swimming Nature who asked if I would be interested in some swimming lessons. What! It's like the Universe was listening to me...anywho. I wasn't going to pass up 4 complimentary lessons, so jumped right in.

I was able to choose a swim location so opted for Fitness First London Bridge Cottons, they have many swimming nature locations across the UK. My lesson was on a 1 to 1 basis which was perfect, my swimming instructor Jackie was very pleasant and set me at ease, we discussed what I was looking to achieve, I told her I hadn't swam in a while (years) and wanted to focus on front crawl and my breathing. She reserved a lane just for us so there was no getting in the way of other swimmers.

We started off with the basics - floating - arms out in front, one arm out in front and the other to the side and then floating on my back. Having my face down in the water had my heart racing for a bit but I just went with it and tried not to panic.

Swimming - Jackie explained not to over kick as it uses up more energy but to use small flutters, kick from the hip and not the knees and to keep my ankles floppy. Jackie watched as I swam but my technique obviously needed work.

Breathing - I was never taught at school how to breath correctly whilst performing the front crawl, so Jackie demonstrated.

The key is to rotate shoulder/upper body/hips and head to the side looking over your shoulder slightly(bilateral breathing) breathing every 3rd arm stroke, so breath to the left (head face down in water) stroke, stroke, stroke, breath to the right, it felt rather strange and took a few attempts. I kept getting water in my mouth and nose which burned, it is certainly a technique that I need to practice, practice, practice. In fact Jackie set me homework to do just that.

The hour lesson flew by so quickly, it was an enjoyable and informative session and I'm so looking forward to my next lesson.



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