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Buddhify - Mindfulness App

Buddhify: Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness - bringing ones attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed with the practices of meditation. Something I have never managed to master, it does take some time to get into it but once you practice a few times or in my case many many times you start to get the hang of it. So sit(affiliate link) back and lets get started.

Rohan Gunatillake, Creator of Buddhify has launched a new version of its best selling app which comprises of a very easy to use wheel interface and recognises that no user is the same, the app offers the functionality to customise the wheel with your favourite tracks to create your over personal mindfulness practice.

Buddhify Mindfulness App
The Wheel

I tried a track called "Work Break, Texture" - which had you feeling and touching an object you wouldn't ordinarily touch whilst working in an office environment, in my case I was working from home that day so picked up the remote control, got comfortable and worked through the guided instructions of being mindful of how the remote felt in my hands - the hardness, any cold parts or any rough parts etc. 

We don't always take the time to appreciate how something feels so it was really interesting to actually sit back and consider this.

Buddhify Mindfulness App

The second one I tried was "At Your Computer, Blink" I added this track to my wheel, which I mentioned you can do in the beginning about customising to suit you. I absolutely loved this one. We are constantly receiving information from social media, TV etc and this meditation works by mindfully blinking, whilst looking at the screen, an everyday occurrence that happens without you even thinking about it. Just being mindful of the feelings as your eye lids come down over our eyes and then opens up again... remarkable. We really take things for granted.

I found the Buddhify app to be very useful to me and love that you can customise to fit you and your daily activities, these meditations can be done on-the-go and doesn't always have to be centred around a quiet place in a closed room alone. I can actually be on a bus/train and listen at the same time using their travel track or whilst working out does the using the gym track after a stretch. Who would of thought this could be done, my perception has always been (a quite place) The app also encourages users towards a partner or group mindfulness practice too, which I've yet to try with my hubby so I'm looking forward to experiencing that together. They have really thought of every kind of situation.

Buddhify Mindfulness App
Switching Up Your Wheel

Buddhify also allows you to help out a friend or colleague who might be having a tough time with grief or illness, or is dealing with a difficult situation, users can share a specific track which they feel is relevant to the recipient, making the experience of mindfulness much more accessible than sharing the whole app.

Are you looking to get the kids involved? Buddhify has you covered with a kids wheel containing 60 meditations, lasting between 4-15mins and the tracks teach a series of useful techniques to help children navigate modern life.

I enjoyed using this app and will continue to do so as it fits in with my lifestyle and needs beautifully.

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to try this app. This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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