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Make Kit - The Vegetarian & Vegan Meal Kit with a Social Conscience

Make Kit Launches UK-wide

Meat-free Meals made easy

Make Kit, a London based start-up company produces and delivers 100% meat-free meal kits across the UK. Not only does this company produce delicious easy to make vegetarian and vegan food, it gives back to the community with every purchase made some of the proceeds from the kit sales go towards funding startup community healthy eating programmes. 

I love that they setup free cooking classes in partnership with local schools, youth clubs and children's centres. The main focus is on accessing families and young people who are on low-incomes and suffering diet related illness.

Cooking Class

These community programs are a god sent to these families, teaching them to cook healthy home cooked meals from scratch and boosting confidence in the kitchen.

Cooking class

I love all things health and love vegan food so was over the moon when I was contacted to give Make Kit a go. I'm one for trying out new recipes and always on the look out for inspiring meals. Make Kit allow you to build your own weekly meal plan consisting of two or three meals, each kit comes with fresh and dried ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards, orders are delivered on Tuesdays only and new menus come out every Saturday. The cost of a weekly plan depends on how many meals (2 or 3 meals) OR how many portions (2 or 4 portions) i.e. 2 meals 2 portions would cost you £23.80 which works out £5.90pp. 

Another great thing about this company is there aim for all packaging to be compostable or recycled and recyclable, they carefully plan the material that is best suited to keeping our produce fresh and protecting it in transport. 

You will receive a folder to hold your recipe cards in, the step by step instructions are straight forward & easy to follow and they break down all the ingredients so you know exactly what's in each spice mix. A few other ingredients you may need which are not in the kits you should already have in your cupboard i.e. cooking oil, salt, black pepper etc.

Recipe Cards

I was sent 2 meals to try. 

Meal Kit Ingredients
Make Kit Meal Kit
Roasted Cauliflower & Zhoug Couscous

I would never think to roast a cauliflower with spices, i've seen in done but have never felt led to try it myself, so I was really surprised at how delicious it was, the little bursts of pomegranate jewels gave a lovely sweetness to the dish and it got the thumbs up from hubby too, I will definitely be making that again at some stage.

Meal Kit Ingredients
Parsnip & Cranberry Nut Loaf & All the Trimmings

The Parsnip & Cranberry Nut roast was rather special too, it was like Christmas had come early with the parsnips, cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, carrots & gravy..

So if you love to cook or not much of a cook, a vegetarian/vegan or even if your not and want to try something different, healthy and delicious - Make Kit are currently offering you 30% off your first order. Enter code MakeKitTasty at checkout. Subscription is weekly - and you can skip a week & cancel at anytime. 

Remember that with every meal brought it helps fund meals for families in need.

Disclosure: I was sent a Make Kit meal kit for the purpose of a review.


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