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Voya: Organic Beauty || Rejuvenate & Detox || Review

VOYA: Luxury Organic Products

After a long week at work coming home and preparing yourself a relaxing bath is the best thing you can do to relax your mind and enjoy some you time. I was gifted the VOYA Lazy Days - Seaweed Bath, a Luxury Candle and their Illuminating Clay Mask.

Lazy Days - Seaweed Bath
I filled the bathtub with hot water and immersed the seaweed filled net, which also contained some dead sea salts. Over the course of 15 minutes, the bundle started to expand as the seaweed rehydrated, it advises to give it a sneeze to release the gel, it wasn't as slimy as I was expecting it to be, in fact it wasn't slimy at all. The bath water turned the colour of green and the bathroom smelled a little of algae. Before I got in I decided to free the seaweed out of its net.


So to set the scene of a spa experience I lit my African Lime & Clove Luxury Candle which gave off a subtle aroma of citrus notes and I got into the bathtub. You know that feeling when your on holiday swimming in the sea and seaweed brushes pass your feet and you freak out, it was the same feeling but i was submerged and feeling a lot like the creature from the blue lagoon, it took some getting use to but I just lay back, closed my eyes and meditated for a while.

After about 20mins of total relaxation and before getting out i used the seaweed to gently exfoliate my skin it was an invigorating experience, my skin felt soft, supple & hydrated after towelling down my body. As for the detox effect, difficult to say - all I know is my skin felt great afterwards so that's a good thing right, I did also notice my body felt really light.

Benefits: re-mineralise the body, hydrate and moisturise nails, hair and skin, soothe aches and pains, deeply detoxify and remove unwanted toxins, aid the healing process of skin conditions i.e. psoriasis and eczema, help against the signs of ageing and cellulite, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system and break down lactic acid so perfect for us gym goers.

The seaweed can be dried and re-used within 3 days so be sure to gather the seaweed before draining the bath, place back into its net and air dry. Seaweed Detox cost £17, and can be brought online here.

African Lime & Clove Luxury Candle

This luxury candle smells amazing upon opening the box, the wax is pure, natural soybean oil and rapeseed, with no petroleum and only natural fragrances of fresh citrus & cloves. I love the frosted glass and the gold VOYA logo on the front which makes this candle very appealing and would make a great gift, the VOYA Luxury Candle can be brought online here for £25.

Get Glowing - Illuminating Clay Mask

VOYA's Get Glowing - Illuminating Clay Mask was amazing and one of the best clay mask I have ever used and I'm not kidding you. It didn't make my skin burn like some cray masks often do, it was rather cooling on the skin. The winter months play havoc on my skin - my face was feeling dry, rough and flaky especially around my cheeks. I washed my face before hand and applied it with a soft brush it went on like butter, just loved how it didn't flake upon drying on the skin, or have that tight feeling were you can't smile or talk, it had a lovely matt dry finish. 

The smell was pleasant too, It was left on for 15 mins and rinsed off with warm water as recommended.  Oh my goodness! My face felt hydrated, smooth, bright and so soft, really love this product, I've been using it using it twice a week and i'm so happy with the results, pores are reduced and no new spots. This clay mask will definitely be part of my weekly beauty regime.

Voya's Illuminating Clay Face Mask contains a special blend of rosemary, eucalyptus and mineral-rich seaweed leaving your skin silky soft and detoxified and is 70% certified organic, 10% minerals. The Clay mask will cost you £33.60 and can be brought here and is totally worth ever penny.

Benefits: purifies, re-balances and detoxifies, brightens a dull complexion, enhancing healing and decongests skin.

About VOYA

VOYA have won many beauty awards and their journey began in 1912, when the first seaweed baths opened up in Strandhill, Co, Sligo, Ireland. Seaweed bathing is a 300 year old tradition and Ireland's only indigenous therapy. VOYA are widely credited as being the brand to bring back the tradition of seaweed bathing and a love of all things seaweed based with their luxury certified organic skincare, body care and lifestyle products. VOYA re-opened it doors after the bathhouses were destroyed in 1961. So if your ever in Ireland go and give them a visit here.

Disclosure: I was sent these product for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.
** Disclosure: The link inserted in my post is a affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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