Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Stress-Less Fitness Programme || Stress-Less Challenge

Stress-Less Fitness FC

Update - 29th April 2018

This is my third session with Stress-Less FC, it's all coming to an end with just one more session to go. *sad face*

Today was pretty much like last week, starting off with some rapid breathing - 3 deep breaths in and out then heavy breathing for 30secs, holding my breathe and breathing out at a normal steady pace, after completing this 3 times I followed up with some meditation.

Stress-Less Fitness

Measuring Brain Activity - my scores were extremely low, a calm state of 7%... WTH!! I was really SHOCKED I'd gone totally the other way, last week was low but this result so crazy!! Michael and I were trying to work out why my score was so low. I wasn't particular worried about anything and I thought I was in a positive state, but what I think may have happened and this could be an excuse - we did turn the sound off for the birds on the muse app and this was like a positive trigger for me, an indication that my meditation was going well, and this gave me something to focus on, so I guest because I couldn't hear the birds singing my mind became unsettled and uncomfortable, no matter how much I tried to focus on my breathing, which I usually do to help focus - it just wasn't happening for me. And so yeah.. 7% calm (only 21sec of calm) and brain activity highly active as you can see in my graph below.

Loved this weeks workout, another HIIT session - not sure how long I worked out for but it felt like forever, followed by recovery breathing after each set.

Just Some of the HIIT Exercises performed

After working out it was back to 5mins of meditation, Michael encouraged me to try a technical which would help me focus on my breathing. So when breathing I had to make a sound almost like I was snoring. This breathing technique should help trigger my mind into a meditative state. I went with it, and we still had the birds turned off on the muse app, I was little worried my mind would be as active as before. I closed my eyes and started to breath in deep with a little audio sound on my breathe, It felt like it was working and after 5 mins my results showed my calm state had gone from 7% to 64%, so a much better result than earlier.

Results showing 1st & 2nd Sessions

Could this be because of the audio sound added to my breath or a combination of me just having finished exercising... Hmmm! I was much happier my my result.

Anywho I will certainly incorporate this technique in the future, Michael also suggested listening to some concentration music whilst meditating to help focus. Both these technicals will be brought into my practices from now on.

Nutritional Challenge

Michael set me up with a challenge - I would be part-taking in Intermittent Fasting. He wanted me to do a week but due to me attending a yoga retreat from Wednesday I will only have to do it for the next 2 days.

  • Fast from 8pm in the evening until 1pm the next day, and drink lemon water upon waking and throughout the morning.
  • Exercise whilst in a fasted state from midday.
  • Wait an hour after exercising before eating to allow my bodies HGH (human growth hormone) to secretes around the body. This hormone is the natural release you get while you sleep

Research has shown that when you combine physical stress which is exercise and nutritional stress which is the fasting you build the highest resilience to physical stress in the body, so once you combine the two the body can become more stress resilient.

So a midday workout comprising of 6 exercises x 10 reps repeat 3 times with 1 minute rest and finish off with 5min meditation.

That's it for this week, I am away from Wednesday, so will have my last Stress-Less session the following week, my last blog post for the #StressLessChallenge will be posted week commencing 14th May.

Are you curious to know what your calm score is? Book a free induction with Michael, contact via email on info@thestress-lesslife.com or DM him on Instagram @stresslessfc

If you want to signup, remember you can get 10% off all Stress-Less Fitness Plans by using reference Beibeifit when booking.



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