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The Stress-Less Fitness Programme || Meditating & Breathing

Meditating & Breathing

Sunday 13th May 2018

Update: My final session with Stress-Less Fitness Collective.

Our main focus for this session was meditation, as my results showed in previous sessions was that I meditate better after exercise, and so today was just to concentrate on my breathing, which was something I wanted to master.

So whilst using the Muse Brain Sensing headband, I performed some deep rapid breathing for the count of 20, holding my breath on the last exhale and breathing out in a steady and controlled manner when I could no longer hold my breath.

You can see from the graph below where my mind was feeling stressed during the rapid breathing stages and the difference when I was just breathing at a calm state.  I did that 3 times followed by audio (instrumental relaxing music) meditation for 30mins.

The orange dots are where I was performing the rapid breathing and where my mind was in an active state, and in between is where I was breathing normal.

After 30mins, which is the longest I've meditated for, Michael and I came to the conclusion that I find my state of calm whilst listening to music, and so music is my muse for reducing stress. The harmony the rhythm and the different texture of the sounds all play their part.

The graph above shows my mind at a state of calm when I was listening to music, the orange dot was a blip (i was listening to music via you tube and so I wasn't prepared for the off key outburst of an advert interrupting me.

After 30mins of meditation - rapid breathing and audio meditation, I scored 58% calm which is pretty good.

So my challenge for myself is to meditate for at least 15mins a day listening to relaxing music, I find my mind switches off quicker than with listening to nothing at all. I have also found what doesn't work well is music with lyrics because all you want to do is start singing or bop your head.

Music brings a subtle form of communion which helps the heart, mind and body to commune with each other. So i guest choose your music wisely to deepen your meditation experience.

So that concludes my last Stress-Less Fitness session.

When you meditate do you use music? What helps you to get into a state of calm?

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